Would you support pulling a 'Misery' on George RR Martin?

Like doing that in real life, and making him finish his books and to write an ending where King Stannis wins, and everyone either bends the knee or is destroyed, and of course he saves Westeros from the White Walkers because he's badass and the WW's built the wall to keep Stannis out.


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  • No, I wouldn't support something like that.


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  • He would never do it and it would suck and we know stannis won't win because the TV plays him off as a huge jerk who kills his daughter and Martian told them the ending

    • Screw them! It's BS! King Stannis SHOULD WIN!

    • Although Martian doesn't like to play black or white the producers do and they are fine playing him as the bad guy so we can tell who wins and which side is good or bad in the books stannis is a pretty awesome character and he'd probably make a pretty good king but daenerys is a better ruler and could easily conquest all of westeros

    • If Daenarys wins... most... predictable.. ending.. ever.

      And yeah it's clear they try to make a likable character unlikable in the show.