Who are the most attractive band members to you?

Just comment who is yo favorite artists by appearance and why not by talent as well haha. Girls and guys alike share who you believe are the most attractive artists. Mine are
Hayley Williams (Paramore)

Who are the most attractive band members to you?
Dawn Michele (Fireflight)

Lynn Gunn (Pvris-also very good live and would recommend!)

Mariah Brink (In This Moment- A few good songs especially older like The Promise)

And lastly Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless)

So share yours! (If I had to have some totally heterosexual guys on the list I would have chosen Pete Loefler, Ben Burnley, and Matt Tuck with short hair.) Thanks!


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  • I love Ville Valo.

  • Nick Jonas from Jonas brothers.

    • Haha for real? Haven't they been split up for years? I know one of em is on Broadway so that might be him I suppose. Nick Jonas reminds me of a kid version of Tom Hardy haha

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    • Haha :D
      I don't know any other band that has attractive guys.

    • Oh >.> fair enough haha

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