Did you know that King Felipe VI Will Be the World Leader of the One-World System?

He is considered to be the most attractive prince in Europe and had married a so very beautiful divorced woman named Letizia Ortiz. The bible states everything that an antichrist is like and he fits the spot. He is of Davidic Jewish descent from his father. He will make almost all women fall for him. People stay silent and calm when they see him online or in person. He is 6.6 feet tall. George W. Bush once claimed that Felipe the VI is an ideal figure to rule the entire world with worldly peace which will lead into more chaos. His name is calculated to be 666, Felipe Borbon y Grecia. A pastor informed told the church congregation I went that King Felipe will be the world leader that most people never heard of because the antichrist will appear to be innocent-like, handsome, tall, polymath, overly intelligent, and polyglot. He speaks 10 languages.


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    • Most people will be worshiping him, but the worship of man does not come from God. Spain has become a hot topic in the recent years because not only the Spanish monarchs have grown far more beautiful than ever. Even the devil worship will be increasing as God will make the supervolcano in western U. S. to destroy more than a third of the United States.

    • But God is giving a chance for the United States to repent which it is a good thing that in the U. S. A. there are no monarchs. Prince William will not be the antichrist.

    • Welll... Holy Shit!

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  • Okay...


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  • " His name is calculated to be 666." What does that mean?

    • That the name of the antichrist will be like Felipe Borbon y Grecia which they all have six letters. The common person will not be the world leader. By the way most people around the world will worship the antichrist or admire his beauty. This all means that most leaders around the world in their long meetings at the UN and other world wide organizations have decided for King Felipe VI, who is also known as King Felipe VI Borbon y Grecia, to be an ideal ruler of the new world order system. Barack Obama will NOT be the antichrist because he is not directly from Europe and does not even display depictions of the antichrist or at least one.

  • Ummmm... no.

  • There is no antichrist and the mark of the beast is not 666. That is a false doctrine based on poor old traditions. Antichrist is not a person, it's a mindset of someone against Christ. So anybody who hates or rejects Jesus is "Antichrist". The only mention of a single evil man related to the Beast is a false prophet.

    Islam is the beast, the false prophet was Mohamed, they are a religious system that is anti-Christ (they reject Christ as God and savior of man), their book the Quran teaches them to dominate the world by killing or converting non believers. They're already a "One government" in the Middle East everyone is Muslim except Israel. They are already advancing in the world Islam is the most dominant religion next to Christianity.

    The Mark of the Beast is not 666 it happens to look like the Greek letters "Chi" "Xi" and "Stigma" which mean individually, "600" "60" and "6". But if you look at them as letters and not a number they match the Arabic letters that spell out "In the name of Allah." You can find those words all over Muslim shops, headbands, etc.

    • Not to mention Islam is "worshipped" by many people even non-Muslims defend them when they are criticized and it has become taboo to criticize Islam but everybody mocks Christianity/

  • Yes and pigs can fly.

    • Most people like you do not even investigate because there are evidences and even on the news that the world leaders including the new pope and former leaders like Bush Jr. have even claimed that Felipe VI will be the antichrist. You will regret for mocking because you need to investigate more about this man.

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    • Hey there might be some truth to what you saying but it is surrounded by a lot of untruths which is distorting what is true and what isn't. I might look into it later but i wouldn't listen everything sureounding that subject. U hav to hav filter that critically anaylyses what is true and what isn't.

    • I am sorry for offending you. I will do a better research of King Felipe and Antonio Bolainez.

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  • Lmfao. Can't tell if trolling?
    You know everyone said Obama is the antichrist too right? People are going to keep making speculations about all this shit and keep doing it over and over and nothing will ever come of it.