Handlebar mustaches... yay or nay?

Okay so I'm pretty certain that this look isn't really desired by women (and disliked by some men) but isn't there something worthwhile about being able to do a style that most can't pulloff or grow?

I've had a Handlebar mustache for almost 2 years I get random compliments on it every once in awhile but both the girls that I've seen recently thought it was cool but didn't really like it (basically they just didn't like it).

So if something is unique but difficult to maintain (depending on the person) and not really appreciated by the people who count, is it worth keeping?

***simplest terms - I feel women and employers will hold it against me on 1st glance & some might not be able to look past it.

Handlebar mustaches... yay or nay?

  • I think it's awesome, if yours is the same caliber as the guys in the pics - keep it.
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  • Whether it's looks good or bad it's just unconventional
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  • I just don't like it... sorry
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  • The choice is yours, do what you think is best.
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  • It's not that it isn't "desired" it's just that most people can't pull it off, you need to have certain style/look in order to do it.
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I personally feel this guy looked better with it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQw5x9i_6sU


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  • I'm not a fan of mustaches in general, but, if you like it and can pull it off, keep it.

    • I can pull it off somedays but even then... as much as I like it I feel I'm putting myself at disadvantage.

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    • Rock the stubble then! ;)

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Do what you like personally I'm not a fan of facial hair.

    • I don't know what I like anymore.

  • Nope. Definitely not something I would be attracted to.

    • seems to be the majority opinion

  • In this era, it just suggests ''this guy is a hipster''

    • I've never been called a Hipster and really don't embody any of the cliche characteristic or physical features (besides the mustache I guess) to be considered one... I look more like a punk rocker/biker or skateboarder depending on the day & what I'm wearing.

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