What do "country boys" find attractive in a girl?

Like clothes, hair, no makeup or makeup, and what they do (etc)


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  • guess im your guy for that one, having grown up on a farm in the country.
    1. we like women that look good with little to no makeup day to day, special occasions you can do yourself up
    2. must be just as comfortable and confident in jeans and t-shirt as a dress and high-heels
    3. no long fingernails. we learn young that a woman with long fingernails is useless to a countryboy and if we date someone that insists on long fingernails than she is usually never a serious life companion contender
    4. dont waste money on manicures or petacures.

    other miscellaneous things:
    you need to be comfortable with dirt, mud, etc he could take you to a tug-of-war in the mud lol or try to hug or kiss you covered in grease.
    we are notorious for wanting or having pets, especially if we are a countryboy stuck in the city.
    we would like to do all the stuff we couldnt out in the country and we would like you to experience all the things we did experience that we enjoyed.


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  • I'm not one. But I lived in texas for 6 years. The guys I knew just wanted a woman who cooks and clean, has big tits, and blonde hair... lol.

  • Their cousins

  • Her wearing Daisy Dukes

  • They really like it when the girl is a blood relative.


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  • Huntin, fishin, and lovin every day🎶
    Can she cook and make sweet tea and sweet cornbread?
    Can she drive a stick, bait her own hook, clean her own gun, change her own tire if need be?
    String bikini and a barbed wire tat... she's rockin that cowboy hat🎶
    Can she sing Charlie Daniels, Willie, and Hank?
    Does she know how to drive a truck? In the mud?
    My ragged edges girl, aw but I like em rough 🎶

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