What's on your guilty pleasure bucket list?

Share something from your bucket list that you would love to experience but you think many people would think it's kind of odd.

I'll go first...

I have always wanted to attend a dinner theater with a Midevil Knights theme that includes a jousting tournament.


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  • Like, serious ones?

    -There's this orange tree in Riverside, CA that's been alive for over 140 years. It's currently guarded by an iron fence and an intimidating -- but factual -- plaque. It's the mother tree that really started the citrus boom in the U. S. I really want to eat at least one of those oranges. lol

    Let's see, what else?

    -I've always wanted a woman to read to me. Not in that little kiddie way -- I mean read something to me that she wrote; or to read something to me that touched her; or to read me something dark. On that last one: there's a juxtaposition there that I really enjoy, with the soft feminine voice reading something dark and horrific -- maybe something by Poe once Fall is in full swing. This might not be your typical 'guilty pleasure,' but it's oddly specific and I want it.

    • WOW!! both of those are amazingly unique and quite specific.

      The orange tree is a beautiful bucket list choice. and the lady reading... before I got to the part you mentioned it, I thought to myself, "Something like E. A. Poe".

      Many people might find that one odd. Not me though. I get it, completely. There is a youtube that does let's play walk through of horror video games and there is something about his voice that puts my psyche at ease.

      This too is also a lovely BL wish. I wish you the best in achieving both.

    • This sort of reminds me of my visit to Alaska. I hiked a trail to visit the Seward Glacier. As the trail skirted the banks of the outflow river, I picked up a chunk of ice from the glacier. I put it in my mouth. It tasted watery and a little earthy. Any rate, as it melted in my mouth, I thought to myself that the last time this water was liquid, mammoths and sabre toothed cats roamed the Earth. When it fell as snow, there may well have been no humans at all in the Americas, and possibly no modern humans at all on the Earth; only our Neanderthal cousins.

      It shocked and delighted me. It put a smile on my face that probably would make many roll their eyes. Nonetheless, it was the most wonderful piece of ice I ever let melt in my mouth.

    • I found that story to be very seductive. thank you for sharing it.
      you gave me shivers.

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  • stay in a place that has actual spirits or something that makes you feel uneasy , you know for the cuddle factor if you have a girl with you lol.
    that is on my list but i can't seem to find a local place to go.

    • There's tons of them around me!

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    • yeah it was its full of witch trials where innocent people were hung or burned. im sure there are loads of angry spirits there. i live in NC in an area where things never really happen , you have to go one town over for that lol

    • What are you talking about? Dare County NC, is the legendary Roanoke Island!

      How does an entire colony disappear without a trace?

      Thats some pretty spooky stuff if you ask me. Ha!!! it's good enough to be the featured theme on this season's American Horror Story.

  • Do you live in Southern California? We have Medieval Times restaurant here. I've never been but my friends tell me it's kind of fun.

    I would like to travel around certain places in the Middle East. I'd like to see Birj AL Caliphia in Dubai. I'd like to see Jerusalem. I'd like to see Krak de Chevaliers. I'd like to see Petra. I'd like to see the pyramids. I'd like to see the Hagia Sophia.

  • I'd like to visit the playboy mansion if its still around and hangout with the current playmates :)

    Lol don't forget to cheer for the blue knight when you go to mideval times :)

    • Hugh Hefner ought to do what Willy Wonka did.

      'Cause I gotta golden ticket!

      Come with me
      And you'll be
      In a world of pure infatuation!
      Take a look
      And you'll see
      Into your fantasization!

  • Extreme Bungee jumping or something like that

  • i would love to have a full on threesome with 2 women during their periods and give oral to both. honestly is very hot.

  • hmm, that's not exactly a guilty pleasure, is it? I've done that, its quite cool. ;)

    how about a 10 day trip to Thailand.. massages everyday, get treated like a king by some of the hottest women on the planet. :)

  • eating lots of junk food at once

  • To see Don McLean perform American Pie Live.

  • seeing all my favourite bands perform one after the other

  • If I could and if it was right have 2 woman at home
    But is crazy I rather not even try

    • There are people and other cultures that live that way.

    • Yeah but there's a lot of consequences it's weird when your one of the only. Honestly do fantasy about a 3rd in bed. I asked my wife if I could fuck someone else and said ok but to wear a condom but I think she changed her mind fast

    • yeah, there's a reason it's called a fantasy.

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  • I dont think I have any that would be considered odd

    but I do have a "bucket list"
    Like, trying camel's milk
    visiting Morocco

    • oh... trying camel milk definitely counts. Lol.

    • lol not to me since I believe it's pretty common in the arab culture/middle eastern

    • It's not something common here in the USA. I'm not judging. It's just definitely an odd goal to me.

  • Slam Dunk a dolly here, dear.
    Friend, who I thought was a Friend, is Not one now, in the End.
    No "Guilt" with this Pleasure, Treasure.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

  • I always wanted to own a pet monkey. I'd also like to throw a jar of borax into a volcano, and visit the wild apple forests of Kazakhstan!

  • I would love to live in one of those luxury treehouses. Goofy, I know. But I love trees!

  • I want to hang out with my best guy friend, listen to music, smoke weed, have sex, and eat pizza!