Kik says I have wrong password even after I changed it? Can't login?

I made a new Kik account and I try to login and a message pops up that says my login failed, that I have typed in the wrong username or password. So I've triple checked and I'm definitely typing in the right username and password. So I hit forgot password and changed it. It said it was changed. I tried typing in the new password and it once again said I've typed in the wrong password. What's wrong with it? Have I been banned or something? I haven't even messaged anyone yet on that account and it's already failing to login.


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  • Doubtful thag you've been banned. Close the application completely and try it again. Are you sure your username is right?

    • Yes. It just happened on my other account too that I just tried logging into. I'm 100% positive everything is correct I'm just frustrated because I can't understand what I'm doing wrong.

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    • Yes okay thank you I'll probably have to contact them because I don't know what else I can do

    • Yeah probably your best bet right now. They may be having problems or something

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  • Problem with their server maybe? Ask your friends if they are having any problems.


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