Any good student/ teacher flirting (whatever else) stories?

I wouldn't say mines are good but here's some. Also ones about security guards.
Middle school- one of my friends would flirt with the social studies to see what he would do because we knew if anything, that he'd check her out the most. So she'd just touch his hand, rubbing it and he'd just sit there cheesing. (He was a sexist pig)
Occasionally one of the security guards actually would flirt with the girls. I literally saw him slap one of my friends butts when we were going up the stairs. He'd flirt with a lot of the students. At the time we were all 12-13 and we're in a high school that had middle school. I don't know if he knew she was that age and didn't care or if he thought she was a high schooler. (She looked about 15-16).
High school (9th grade), I had this hot history teacher that was a bitch at times but it'd be so funny when girls would flirt with him in my class. He'd sit near me most of the time if a seat was empty and everyone was doing classwork. He would be a nervous wreck, and fucking stared at me a lot in class, when he thought I didn't notice. Turns out he lives very close to me.
Also had a student teacher in 10th grade for history and he'd act the same way around me.
Any good student/ teacher flirting (whatever else) stories?
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