Does Penis size matter more to Women or to Men?

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There are lots of guys who feel that their size isn't what they would like it to be, and makes them insecure about it (known as penis anxiety) like me for example, and for the fact I'm also a virgin and only 20, soon to be 21, and I've always been insecure about it for some years now, and it's only getting worse, and it's slowly crushing my confidence and self esteem ina way.

Because the majority of girls/ women mainly say they want a guy who is packing/ has a bigger dick, cause they say guys with small dick are either terrible/ or not satisfactory enough in bed, meaning they don't get much pleasure from the penis, or they can't exactly feel them with having sex and end up faking it (moans/ orgasms).

But what girls/ women don't seem to understand is that there is nothing that can help enlarge a guys size, nothing works, not even surgery for enlargements, which then leaves the guy who had surgery with symptoms, and end up feeling worse about their size even more than before, but what girls/ women don't really know either is that there is still a bit more to the penis length, which is partly within the body down below, meaning we can't use all of our size we have, or would like to if we could, but we can just only use what's on show, otherwise if we was able to use our full length of our penis, some guys would have a penis at 5-6+ inches possibly, and wouldn't need to be worried or as insecure.

So does penis size matter more to Women or Men?

Also, does it play a part in relationships, or affect a relationship in a bad way due to a guys size alone?

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Does Penis size matter more to Women or to Men?
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