Girls, about your boobs survey?

1. Do you have big boobs?
2. What's your bra size?
3. Are you happy with them?
4. What do guys think/say about the?
5. Do you like low-cut shirts?
6. Do you ever use them to flirt?
7. Do you titfuck your boyfriend with them?
8. Do you play with them when you're bored?
9. Would you ever consider getting a boob job?
10. Do your friends ever grab them (like fooling around)?
11. Do you ever look at other girls' boobs?
12. Have you ever flashed somebody? Who
13. Do other girls compliment you on them?
14. How old were you when they started to develop?
15. What do you wear when you want to show the off?
16. Are they a better or worse feature than your butt?
Girls, about your boobs survey?
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