If you suddenly got rich off crypto which choice would you pick?

Option A:
- Take out crypto at. 2.5mil but pay a few hundred thousand in capital gains tax.
- pay off all joint debt with partner
- buy a house with a basement suite to rent out when the market was the best it's been in years
- start a joint business with partner to receive opportunities for tax write-offs
- take your terminally ill mother traveling and buy things she needs to make her house safer and more accessible
- get a dog
- get married
- travel the world while being debt-free and making extra money from rent
- have amazing sex on every continent with high school sweetheart (who has only ever had sex with you.)
- have lots of time to commit to new business
- continue to get fitter with partner by doing yoga, skiing, swimming, gym, and hiking etc.
- spend time on your passions like recording new music in your home studio

Option B:
- do not pay off any debt
- Live with your parents instead of getting your own place and wank to porn 5 steps down the hall from your parents instead of having the privacy to have sex with your partner.
- Use your partner's credit cards until they're full
- finance a luxury SUV while your partner is sick in bed with Covid19
- let your terminally ill mother deal with an unsafe bathtub and broken bed frame and do not take her anywhere on her bucket list
- watch the value of the crypto drop and buy more at the bottom hoping one day you'll have 6mil
- end 8-year-long relationship with highschool sweetheart
- need to take a job as a music teacher and busk on the street for cash
- book hotel rooms every weekend and hook up with random girls
- do piles of ketamine and coke
- try to build muscle but mess up and just increase your appetite so you gain weight
- refuse mediation where ex was going to only going to ask for 1/3rd for the debt you put her in and go to court for legal separation instead - lose half, pay legal fees, and possibly be forced to sell SUV.
Build a life with your partner, rent out part of your house, and travel the world together.
Gamble and see if you can make more $$$, separate from partner, and party every night.
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If you suddenly got rich off crypto which choice would you pick?
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