True or False - Europe?

True or False - Europe?

Continuing with some fun geography questions... this one is a little different from the NORTH AMERICA question, there is only one TRUE statement.

Here are four geography statements... three are false and one is TRUE. Can you identify the TRUE one? Vote for the one you think is TRUE, the others are false.

Please don't cheat by looking them up. Make your best guess, vote for the one you think is TRUE, and have fun.

The category for today is Europe. A similar question for ASIA should be posted later this week, followed by SOUTH AMERICA and ASIA sometime after that.

The correct answer (which one is TRUE) will be given in a few days (Wednesday).

In the comments section, please tell us which format you like better: ONE FALSE and the rest true (like NORTH AMERICA question), or ONE TRUE and the rest false (like this Europe question)?

Good luck!

Liechtenstein is the smallest country in Europe.
Sweden is larger in area than Spain.
Malta is the southernmost country in Europe.
Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe.
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Thanks to all for participating...

Here is the correct answer... D...
A - FALSE, San Marino is smaller, and Vatican City, at 0.49 sq km, is the smallest country in Europe
B - FALSE, Spain's 498 sq km is slightly larger than Sweden's 450 sq km
C - FALSE, Greece's island of Crete is the southernmost; some people pointed out Spain's Ceuta and Melilla in Africa are farther south but they're actually not
D - TRUE, Istanbul has 16 million people, second is Moscow at 12 million
True or False - Europe?
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