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Ladies, Would You Take a Charge For Your Man?

You and your man are deeply in love. He checks all your boxes, good dicc, go to church, get money, treat you well and you really feel like he’s the one.

He proposed to you and now you feel like your fairytale is coming true

2 weeks before the wedding y’all get pulled over and to your surprise they find some pills, enough to charge him with the intent to distribute

They apprehend him.

You think to yourself , if he gets arrested and charged he will be locked up for at least 15 years because of his priors

You on the other hand have a clean record. If you take the charge you can easily get off with probation

Will you take the charge so you and your man can continue with your fairtytale wedding and life?

If not, will you hold him down for the next 15 years?

Yes, I’ll Do Anything For My Man!
No! He Did the Crime He’ll Do the Time!
No, but I’ll Him Down During His Bid!
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Ladies, Would You Take a Charge For Your Man?
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