To be smart is to be sad

You've heard smart before, and alongside that you've heard wise, brilliant, and/or intelligent, which usually means someone with perfect...

"It's not what you hear, but how you listen to it." She said to me.

So, I have this older female "friend" so to speak. (She's actually kind of a stalker who works at my university campus as a registration...

Belief: The power to move forward

What is belief? The answer to this is different for different people. What or whom do they believe in is also different like some people...

It's just a dog , get over it!

Under any circumstances you shouldn't tell a pet owner whose pet just died That it's just a [any animal] That's just rude and...

Why I Love Women

As I've grown older I've had a greater and greater appreciation for women. No I don't love them because they can be bodybuilders just...

Important Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

This is my first MyTake, and was inspired/requested by @Jjpayne and his question, Do you have any safety advice? I feel that safety is...

Who needs a hug?

Do hugs fix everything

How are you feeling right now?

I’m sad, I feel very down like valueless because you try to do something nice for people and you get trashed about it because it wasn’t...

What are your thoughts about super trump cleaner?

"Super Trump is a concentrated, high-alkaline, heavy duty liquid detergent for machine warewashing. It can also be used for Bar Glass...

Is Kindness a strength or a weakness?

I'm talking about genuine kindess, not the kind of kindness that's forced or made up to reach a certain goal. I'm also not talking about...

Can I get some help with relationship's?

As a guy, i always found it hard to find a relationship, now that I'm 16 I don't know if i really want a relationship or i just want...

What idioms do you know of that I could use from time to time?

And describe what they mean as well. For example "the cat's among the pigeons" which means an undesirable person just walked into a...

Do you wish you were born in a different year 🤔?

I always tell my parents they should have had me in 1999. 😌

Why do a lot of people walk barefoot out in the streets nowadays?

I see this almost everyday in the middle of a city. I can’t understand this new trend. Please someone explain? 🤔

How's everyone doing on GAG today?

I figured I'd ask since I don't have anything else to ask atm.

Buy a new engine or get a new car?

So the dealership took my car in and said it won't crank and that I need a new engine. Their price was $9,000 ofcourse because the...

Which is your favorite Turkey?

The Wild Turkey lives in mostly in the United States while the Ocellated Turkey lives in Mexico and Central America!!

Girls, If a boy asked you to do the bodyscissor challenge with him you would accept and why?

I was thinking of doing the bodyscissor challenge, but since I don't have a girlfriend to do this challenge with me, I thought I'd ask...

Genie granting wishes?

Would you prefer to meet a genie that grants you 3 wishes Or become a genie and grant other people’s wishes but never your own