How To Gain Respect!

Dress Appropriately. The reality is people judge, and people make both conscious and subconscious judgments about you within seconds of...
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Advice for Guys: Avoiding A Sexual Harassment Case

Gotta tell you guys this has been in the works for the last 4 or 5 years now, something I’ve worked on here and there but finally...
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Can you choose up to seven special perks given to you, based on who you already are?

Here's an old Reddit post I did. This is the remastered version of that for GirlsAskGuys. You get these perks based solely on you being...
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Focuses for 2023

1. My physical health. Over the last couple of years I haven’t been in the best shape. I swear I lost 10 pounds because of work...
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MCheetah December 2022 Journal Entry to Vent

This is just a journal entry for me and me alone. I don't expect anyone else to possibly understand it or get it, but writing helps me...
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Habits are a direct factor and link to intelligence

I’ve done some thinking… and after a question I had posed not too long ago, I figured I’d share my conclusive thoughts on the matter....
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The way to unlimited power: do it easy

I recently had an epiphany, and I'm assimilating what it means: As weird as this may sound I have experienced the way of reaching...
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What makes a good girl/ guy go bad?

In your opinion, what do you think causes it?

What do you have for a weapon in your house?

Baseball bat, hammer, knife, a gun, or a dog even. Lol

Besides your home (any properties) and car, I’ll even throw in kids😂, what’s the most expensive thing you own?

I inherited a coin collection from a great uncle three years ago and it’s been appraised at 7000-12,000 dollars. It’s definitely...

Who should Beyoncé Have Married Instead?

If you could re-write history, which celebrity would you assign to be Beyoncé’s husband? You can’t say yourself or Jay. Go. *this is all...

What eye color do you have? and what eye color are you most attracted too?

I have dark brown and I'm attracted most to green and blue, for some reason I also like the two different eye colors look as well. I...
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Which one... Right or Left?

Yes, this question has been asked before. Let's see if the results change this time. Please select an option in the poll, and feel free...
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When you hear someone say WAY-ELZ, what do you think of?
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What does your voice sound like?

Let us see which of you has a low, middle, and high pitched voices. I am curious what's the average for users across this platform...
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Are you a sore loser?

My boyfriend is one lol.. he gets so mad when we lose a game to 9 yr old try hards and rage quits 💀 I'm sometimes one in arguments..
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Do guys like it when their girlfriend's fall asleep on their chest?

Often my boyfriend will lay down for naps because we can't actually sleep together for a night. (I'm 19 he's 20, I live with my dad he's...

Can you describe yourself physically?

I noticed that because it's hard to have an objective view of yourself, describing your own physical appearance can be hard. For...
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Elvis Presley vs James Dean?

which one of those two actors you consider to be more beautiful? guys you can also give your opinion.
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What time do you go to sleep?

It’s 10:20 pm here and I feel a bit sleepy too early tonight.
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Being in a relationship with a Special Forces Soldier?

Guys and Girls, I know people have relationships in the military I just want to know how it works out I guess. I've known this girl...
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