Kiss Your Love Passionately, RIGHT NOW!

Kiss Your Love Passionately, RIGHT NOW!

For anyone who has ever loved and lost, you know the measure of what you would do to express all of the feelings of hurt, joy, regret, longing, love in a matter of seconds. It requires no words. Such bottled up feelings require no time for sex. The intensity of the feeling of all that is everything between you and that person is expressed in a single kiss.

Think about someone you are dating right now. Think about your partner. Or think about that old flame or crush. If you could express everything you have ever felt for them in one kiss--how would you kiss them?

If you look back at an argument you had and how stale the relationship was afterward. Sometimes we long to have even the worst moments back. To see if there was at least some sphere of influence that could turn the tide. To maybe in one valiant effort make that person understand how much you are going to miss them 2 months, 6 months, 10 years down the line. How would they react to you giving them that passionate kiss?

When your lover wakes up to you in the morning. Do they know TRULY how much you love them? Or is it some routine beginning where you fog your way out of bed and grouch about getting the kids up. What if you kiss her neck? What if you took the time to slowly and sensually give her the kiss of your life? No sex. No agenda. Just that one kiss and then walk away?

How loved would your female partner feel? Would that carry her for the rest of the day with butterflies of happiness even 15 years into a marriage?

Ladies, have you ever passionately kissed a man? How did he react? Have you told him what you value about him as a man.

I have seen people die in this life. People die all alone and helpless with NOBODY. Not one loved one with them. I am telling you, their ghost, their soul would give ANYTHING to be in the position you are in.

Kiss Your Love Passionately, RIGHT NOW!
Kiss Your Love Passionately, RIGHT NOW!
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