Is it normal if my type doesn't like me?

I realized recently that the type of guy I like wouldn't be into the "type" of girl I am. Although, I do think he should, he wouldn't cause of some of my flaws.

My type is like smart, reasonable, independant, responsible, funny man. Looks wise? Masculine, clean, he knows his style and he knows what he likes. Just overall a confident guy. I'm thinking of like Mark Wahlberg or Channing Tatum.

So I don't think this type of guy would like me. I'm not known to be the most reasonable person ever although I think I am. Im not independant yet but I am working on it and I aspire to be so its not like Im just sitting al day doing nothing. Responsible? I want to say when I have to be responsible I am and good at it but when I don't have to be, I don't bother. Funny? I am known to be silly and just unique. Looks wise? Um I don't think I unattractive, I know I am you know just own the fact that you are and I also dress appropriately and simple, not skanky or too much.

So I don't know overall, I chose my type of guy for a reason and its cause I know hell be good for me. But I don't know if Ill be good for him. How am I so sure? Well its happening right now. My boyfriend is all those things I mentioned which is why I just fell for him instantly. I thought we were gonna be a good match and we are but there are just some parts were not compatible in and it sucks. Essentially I wish I can be the girl of his dreams just like he's the guy of my dreams.
Is it normal if my type doesn't like me?
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