Does every situation have a silver lining?


Having my leg broken seems to remind me something very important,

I think that was a reminder from my life a bit like

“Hey, silly! Why did the comfort made you forget what dreams and goals you had?”

I realized I’ve been living in the present and not investing well enough into my goals.

My ambitions have been less of a priority for me, I’ve been wasting my potential on stupid thoughts.

I need to keep on studying to get my Master’s in Law and a License as well.

I wonder where I should keep on studying.

Right now, I am in Shanghai and I can work as well as study here after my leg heals, my visa is in process to get lengthened with one more year.

My cousin tells me to go to her for studies. I think I should stop wasting my time and get back on the track.

Actually breaking my leg is a wonderful metaphor the life showed me in order to make me realize that I’ve been following the wrong track and I can’t keep forgetting my goals forever.

And I am grateful for this reminder.

Does every situation have a silver lining?
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