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What do you bring to the table interms of a relationship?

Are you a catch or if so what do you bring to a relationship You can watch this video if you watch and be amazed at the downfall of society lol
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What do you guys make of the idea of polygamy vs monogamy?

I've been sitting here trying to think about how to word this but honestly, I think this video sums it up way better. I'm not gonna lie, I'm veering on the polygamy side cause for me, it feels...
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Do you feel more pressure being someones ___ (see poll)?

#FeelFreeToList any experiences where you was someones first for each of the above. Surprisingly for me, i feel more pressure being their first heartbreak or their first kiss. #MyFirst...
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How well do you know yourself?

I like this song ( tusen bitar) by Björn Afzelius. It is actually in Swedish, but i translated the lyrics in English. It is said that above the clouds the sky is always blue. But it can be...
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Anyone have Borderline personality disorder (BPD) ? and what it feels?

Borderline personality disorder (BPD), also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD), is a mental illness characterized by a long-term pattern of unstable relationships, distorted sense of self, and...
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What's yall's opinion of Jealousy and Possessiveness?

i am a very exclusive person in love life... and i expect the same from my partner... that makes me EXTREMELY POSSESSIVE... cuz i ain't playin after i'm cuffed... it's real to me what's MINE is MINE... MY WOMAN... MY...
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How Old Is TOO Old For You?
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Would this be a good song to dedicate to a girl for her birthday?

So there is this girl who I like and I kinda wanted to dedicate a song to her. There is this really good rock song from the 80s by jackson browne named "Somebody's Baby" and I want to dedicate this song to her for her...
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Why do people want to get married so bad? I recently stumbled across this video, and it really made me start thinking about marriage. I have been saying this time and time again on GAG. But... what's the point of...
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Have You Ever "Played"With Someone?

Ok people, get your mind out the gutter 🤣 That ain't the kinda 'played" I mean. More.. People think they pulling shit on you, and you ain't falling for it like they "think" you...
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How do y'all feel about this song?

today thismorning i heard this song on shuffle on my ipod while i was working... and it hit me different i know i know... que the "wth? nickleback?" comments
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Have you ever been in love with a criminal?

My first ex used to help rob houses but told me he wouldn't let his friends rob me as long as i still let him come over to play the xbox 😒😒😒 #FeelFreeToList #MamaImInLoveWitACriminal...
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Boyfriend said his friends think I’m ugly?

My boyfriend said that his friends criticised me, I asked him about it but he said it would make me sad. After me insisting he finally said that he showed my photos to his friends (different friends in different times)...
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Five Songs That Describe How I Felt In My First Serious Relationship

None of them are in any particular order. Just random songs that remind me of different feelings I had in my first serious relationship. Don't know why I'm sharing them. Enjoy though lol. Or don't, thanks for stopping by...
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What is love? What must a person do to make you feel love? i believe everyone should watch this. Really intresting on how we view love. So is it true👀💖
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"Advice" Take It With A Grain Of Salt

I'm not saying it's wrong to get advice or opinions from someone ever. Sometimes, we all get confused with our thoughts, feelings and want to hear someone else's point of view. There's just some reasons why the best...
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How many times would you say you’ve been IN LOVE?

For me, its confusing. I genuinely felt i had to be in love when i lost my virginity. But now that i rethink it, I think i was just scared and naive. I did love him but it definitely wasn't in love at that point. I feel i...
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Why I Prefer A Good Guy Over Bad Guys And Nice Guys

Shout out to the Anon who made the take "Why I'm Attracted To The Bad Guys." It gave me the idea to write this take in response. Click below if you want to check her take out. Here's the link: Why I'm attracted to the bad...
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The Personal and Societal Benefits of Girls Taking the Initiative With Guys in Relationships

I've been thinking about this topic, having seen many questions which dance around this idea, and today I decided to write about it. What am I talking about? This idea that men are still the initiators when it comes to...
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