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Why are most white women such awful people these days? Is there a reason why they feel so entitled? Why are so many white guys still loyal to them?

I’m just generally trying to understand why most white guys are still loyal to them. I’m just tired of hearing from white women all the time about how abortion is a “woman’s choice”. F*ck that. Look at these women who...
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Why the relationships in the western world is so toxic?

You feel like the hate between men and women is insane. There are many if these videos : ( talking about risks of getting married , cheating ) And no wonder there is hookups , no guys want to...
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Would you be okay with your SO agreeing to marriage out of love, not desire?

Let's say you very much want to get married, and being officially husband and wife is very important to you and a prime goal. Meanwhile your Significant other has the attitude "This stresses me out and I don't have a high...
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Is this professor a racist? Seems she has some serious mental issues. I love how the kid stays calm while she rants like a lunatic.
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"By 2030, 45% of working women aged 25 to 44 in the United States will be single." How will covid-19 raise these numbers?

here are more single women in the workforce than ever, and that's having a profound effect on the US economy. Working women contribute more than $7 trillion to America's economy....
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What’s the best feeling you’ve ever had?

Cuddling with a girl. She was never that affectionate before. Is there a particular reason for a change in behavior? Do you like this song?
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How do you make someone sad smile, if even just for a moment?

Basically, what's YOUR own way to bring a smile to someone who needs it? Not necessarily fix for their problems, just make them feel a little better.
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Does It IRK You More When People Not Only Lie Or Make Excuses But Use The Same Exact Lie/Excuse Every Time?

I mean hell if you gonna try to lie to me or make bullshit excuses, at least switch it up, make it original not the same lie/excuse every time. But how about:
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Don't Wait Till It's "TOO LATE"... There's so many things one can say about life: Life is precious, life is hard, life is stressful, life is unfair, life is what you make it. But one thing that's a constant is life...
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Can children fall in love?
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What song (s) would you use to describe your current relationship?

Like's for including a video link. Mine started off as Heart's 'Alone' and became Becky Hill's "I Could Get Used to This."
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What is love? How do you define it?

I'm asking about what I would call romantic love, or love between sexual lovers/partners, but feel free to describe any kind of love you want. Baby don't hurt me XD
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What's the difference between the girl/guy of your dreams and the one you've got? How do you feel about that difference? This video really stuck out to me when I watched "500 days of Summer". It struck me that my husband is a lot different than the guy I'd fantasize about when I was single. My dream...
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Can you rate this Indian Man/Actor? Is he attractive? His name is Hrithik Roshan. He is also known as the "Greek God" and he is the greatest dancer living on the planet after Michael Jackson and he has also given a tribute to him in...
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How would you feel if your partner advertised they are single without actually breaking up with you?

Here is a fine example of a toxic streamer who advertised he's single before breaking up with the girl he's seeing whilst she's away. A cowardly act. Then when the girl found out and came by, he kept his stream on and let...
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Do you agree that high value men can do whatever they want in relationship and women are ok with it?

At: 39:50 mark Cliffs: - If you are among the top 20% of males genetically, (height x dick) you are gonna be cheating and getting the most you can from life. Human nature. -...
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How would you feel if your partner made fun of your height?

So we were watching Dragon Ball (at her request obviously) and this scene came up. She joked this is something I could wish for since I'm not very tall (162cm). I laughed but also...
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