"Unmasking The Myth Of Inspirational Quotes" Do you believe them? Do you think they really help people?

Myths? Or well-intentioned lies?
Myths? Or well-intentioned lies?

Has anyone ever tried to support you through the hard times in life, using inspirational quotes or sayings? Do you still believe? While I know they mean well, every time someone says some of these to me I just want to say:

Do you really expect me to believe that?
Do you really expect me to believe that?

I have compiled a list of the top 5 such quotes that people have said to me I'm not sure I believe in.

I dont believe that
I don't believe that

1. Your kindness will be rewarded

Kindness is the greatest reward
Kindness is the greatest reward

You should never be kind or do kind/ good deeds for someone expecting to be rewarded or expecting anything in return. Rather because you see a friend, loved one or even stranger struggling in need and want to do what you can to help or make that person feel better.

Punishment is not always warranted
Punishment is not always warranted

That being said, too many times I've both seen and personally experienced people not only not appreciating the help they received, but use it to try and take advantage of the person helping them.

2. Karma is a bitch. What goes around comes around.

Karmas a bitch yeah a blind bitch
Karma's a bitch yeah a blind bitch

I have lived my whole life trying to do the right thing. Be good, work hard, help others. And, I know many other people who are also very good people who like myself have worked hard yet struggled all their lives. It seems like the good ones are always the ones to suffer.

Good karma? Bad karma? No karma?
Good karma? Bad karma? No karma?

While the liars, cheaters, scammers, users are the ones who seem to get ahead in life with little to no consequences. People always say, "They'll get theirs ". When? I don't see it happening.

3. Love conquers all.

Love is grand but not a conqueror
Love is grand but not a conqueror

Love can be an awesome thing. If it is reciprocated. To be surrounded by love can be a great thing. The love of all the people in your life can chase away some demons but it can't conquer all.

Sometimes love does fail
Sometimes love does fail

To say love conquers all or never fails is not true. How many people have loved but not been loved in return? Or used or hurt by those that professed to love them? Or children hurt by parents who were supposed to love them? Love does fail. And, all the love in the world can't conquer all the hate in the world, all the terminal illnesses or all the violence. Love doesn't conquer all.

4. Things will get better.


Every time things go wrong people always say this. And sometimes things do get better. But better than where things were still isn't the same as better to where they need to be.

Still waiting!!!
Still waiting!!!

If people have consistently had to tell you this your whole life, isn't that an indication that things still haven't got better? And a good reason to no longer believe it.

And, last but not least; my personal favorite, heavy sarcasm intended.

5. God doesn't give you more than you can handle.

Umm this is getting too heavy for me
Umm this is getting too heavy for me

I hate this one the most for many reasons. First of all, you don't always know what someone's religious beliefs are/ aren't so unless you know for sure, you shouldn't say this one to people. But also sometimes the things we're going through can be little or minor. But, sometimes there's so much going wrong at once it's too much for one person to bear.

I think you gave me extra problems sir
I think you gave me extra problems sir

I always want to say "If there is a God, he sucks at math.

That's the end of the list for now. There may be a 2nd mytake coming listing quotes/ sayings I do believe.

Thank you for reading!

"brainsbeforebeauty "😘

"Unmasking The Myth Of Inspirational Quotes" Do you believe them? Do you think they really help people?
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Most Helpful Girls

  • kymberz
    well let me the first one right here right now to stand up and Praise the Lord, Praise Jesus, God whatever you want to call him? and can i get an amen? huh? what? dudes i'm a proud Christian! proud enough to stand up and say those sayings are all true but they forget to sing the little Sunday school song at the end of each quote that goes "but Jesus loves the little children - all the little children in the world" (if you don't know this song go look it up - one of the best songs ever written!) - ya because things may be tough and sometimes not even get better but my favourite quote besides anything Jesus ever said cuz that guy never stopped talking or writing shit down - no he just said - hey. follow my lead. and everyone fell off the cliff or something? ya - back to my favourite quote by Oscar W not Meyer - "... we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"! see? now it' s making sense! ya see it may be tough and it may be hard but not if you keep that anchor in your head - that anchor of he already proved that he loved me - and i don't care if you are wiccan or pagan or a feminist - just go back and start at the beginning of the thread that 3 sisters are spinning while millions of korean women pray for the sun to come up and i am talking concept/paradigm/miniscule and it probably sounds ridiculous - but that guy? Jesus? he proved his love and gave his blood and said we were all saved if we wanted to be. who can argue with that? and i've studied science and signals, religion and philosophy. and he did what no one else ever did - that's why we still sing songs to him. and teach little children songs not stupid quotes so that they know the answer before they even have to read them.

    i love quotes by the way - i find them inspirational. teehee. i'm giggling here. awaiting the onslaught. bring it on satan!
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    • Wait.. lol.. am I satan?

    • kymberz

      dude - no offense - yer like a fallen angel guiding the way but can you get glasses or something?

    • Excuse me? And what does that mean?

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  • You've outdone yourself on this one girl!!

    Great points!"Unmasking The Myth Of Inspirational Quotes" Do you believe them? Do you think they really help people?
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    • Aww thank you. There'll be a part 2 soon. Just shoveling wore my ass out.

    • Nice... lol

    • kymberz

      can someone please tell me how to make those 5 little stars? they're awesome!

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Lliam
    That's a good list. Yeah, a lot of that stuff is lame. People want to say something comforting. All we can do is appreciate their attempts to do so. They mean well and that's what matters.

    One you didn't mention is when you are mourning the death of a loved one and someone says, "But they're in a better place now." Seriously?
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    • Yeah I heard that one... want to believe that, but how does anyone really know... and his better place should be here with me and his girls..

  • HonestWeirdo
    The only one I believe there is that things will get better. the majority of time that is true. wish the others were true but I personally don't believe they are. perhaps this would be more correct in my opinion.

    take what you like and lie to get you where you wanna be and you will go far!
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    • Right! That's how I feel lately.

    • don't know what it's like over there but the younger generation here want everything without working for it. in fact they expect it and believe it is what society owes them. but we better not saying to offend people. the amount of people that lie about their work experience , only to get the job , can't speak or write but they are safe cos it's impossible to sack people. I'm straying from the point.

      on a separate note. some bastard undertook me on a corner and slammed on his breaks in front of me causing us to crash. contact didn't cause my airbag to pop or even shades to slide off seat. his car had a miniscule scratch and my cheAP but reliable car was written of cos radiator broke. he is claiming massive personal injury and trauma. yet I just told the truth. because no cctv apparently I don't have a leg to don't and on. just a recent example of how if you lie you will get rewarded.


    • Sorry to hear that. And I totally hear you. Is always the liars who win.
      Yet I still can't do nothing but tell the truth. Doing the right thing sucks sometimes, but I don't know how to be any other way. Hope things get better for you

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  • Interesting view points. I tend to like to see the glass as half empty. Maybe it's wrong to make promises but I don't think it's wrong to hope and to have hope in others. Hope is a wish and not a guarantee. I think kindness is seen and while it may not always pay off I think people notice it. I think it helps people to see that good is still out there. I agree it's no reason to be bitter and judge others for unkindness or expect things in return for kindness. But I would still like to be kind to others even if "it has not put a scrap of gold or sliver in my pocket I believe it has done me good and will do me good and I say God bless it" :) I also beileve that love in and of itself, true love is a good thing to aim for. I don't believe that any one person can display perfect love but we can try to get better and display as much as we can. I think the pattern I am on is hope. I want to believe in hope, hope that things will get better even though they might not, in fact id rather die with hope then die in despair, id rather people that people can be good than assume that they won't be and yes that's a reckless way to live but everyday I walk out blind listening to the song it's a wonderful world and hoping if I figuratively listen to it long enough and it might happen one day. Hope is what keeps me going
  • genericname85
    man don't even get me started. fuck inspirational quotes and people that post them. they are all a bunch of bullshit meant to make you feel warm and fuzzy.
    • He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have -Socrates

    • @Rabbit_Hole
      Another quote well- meant but not always true. What have is husband that died too soon. "Would like " him still here. And you can bet I'd be content with that!

    • A single puzzle piece won't create the whole picture.

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    The quotes aren't really my problem it's the people using them. Do they really feel that way or are they just picking what sounds good and saying here you go like a greeting card.
    • Yeah that's very true. But some of those I really just stopped believing in😕

    • I think that's my point. Is like no one really cares or believes in them but they throw them around like here you go , here you go. And eh. Lol

    • I don't think they don't care. Some do get what you're going through. They just don't know how to lie sometimes can't help. Some things in life only we can fix ourselves. But yeah a few just act like you're blowing things out of proportion, or can't understand what you're really going through because they've never had to face the things you have.

  • Midnight_Kiss
    I am guilty of posting so called inspirational quotes but not as inspiration simply because I feel they are relatable at that point.
    • Some quotes do help people. And I know people do so with well meant intentions. Iit's Just sometimes isn't always right time. I posted second mytake with 5 other quotes

  • Laozi
    It depends on how you see the things. If you're expecting too much and only seeing negative part then you may think these quotes are useless. But if your perception is wide and you can be more optimistic then you'll find that such quotes are real not just hocus focus.
  • GreenEyedChelle
    I agree. I think these are things said to bring you up and help you with your journey in life. I do like the quote " there's always a silver lining" because it's true. Things could be worse is how I look at it lol.
  • jenn11161986
    My take on this is, it's up to you if you take it by heart. Yes, it can inspire people but the thing that you do after hearing/reading an inspirational quotes lies within you. You can't expect it to work if you're not doing anything to make it work...
  • Anpu23
    I have a board of quotes and thoughts that help me when things get hard. Most are from martial artists but a few are political and a few are "inspirational" mostly about how hard I've worked and not lose sight of the goal.
  • TimTim90
    I have a strong disdain for people who preach and use inspirational quotes. Usually people like that can't figure out how cause and effect impacts their lives. Its easier to reassure themselves with inspirational quotes than to take care of the real problems.
  • slatyb
    People who say things like that are tellng you that they aren't interested in listening to you. That's why it's so infuriating. You thought you were talking to a friend only to realize that they don't care about you at all. The
  • CHARismatic110
    I believe that words and quotes have as much meaning as you believe them to. Words are very powerful... if you choose to believe. Simple as that. I'll never understand someone being upset at someone for trying to be positive during a negative situation but ok.
    • Wait, where did I say I get mad? I get people mean well. And I always appreciate the people that have been there for me in my life, that people try to make you feel better, when they don't have to. Iit's the sayings I just don't believe in anymore. If you've heard the same things all your life, and they still haven't come true🤷‍♀️

  • lucas262
    Some of those quotes helped me through the darkest time jn my life.
    • I'm very glad they worked for you. They don't always work for everyone tho, wish they did. Hope things are better for you now

    • lucas262

      Not perticularlly, but its not as dark and hopeless, and if I hadn't gone through it I wouldn't be able to relate to the pain other people feel.

    • I hear you. I'd like to say things get better, but🤷‍♀️... so I'll just say sometimes they do.. hope they do for you❣

  • Melissa01979
    I do my favorite quote a girl doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.
  • Edanurus
    Although there are a lot of awful meaningless "Inspirational quotes" they are only as useful as how you use them.

    Your first 2 I agree with in part for the same reason. Kindness has the potential to make friends where as being a dick is more likely to make you enemies so in a way they do hold true in a regard.

    The fourth could also be helpful, yes carrying on isn't always going to get you to the light so to speak but stopping trying will kill any chance.

    3 is bullshit, even with true love sometimes things are to great for just that.

    And of course god doesn't do that, thats why he sends people these quotes!
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Rangers
    I have to agree with these completely, sadly
    • Rangers

      Another one is "there's someone for everyone" bullshit

  • DanOh2018
    Only when they are metal
  • Rabbit_Hole
    Be what you want to seem.
    • Those who are hardest to love need it the most