Why some people end up blaspheming the Lord

Jesus said that those who are evil are incapable of saying anything good because what comes into the heart, comes out of the mouth so I...
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What God taught me about self-reliance

I’ve been trying to become an author and one of my biggest struggles as a writer was a lack of guidance. There was nobody I could both...
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My theory on Christian forgiveness - Bible Talk

I believe that when you forgive others, God gives you two gifts. The first gift is that God compensates you for what you went through so...
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How I believe God heals people

I believe the reason God is able to heal people is because the love of God has healing properties. The times in my life, where I felt...
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Why love is essential to moral objectivity

One of the reasons I’m not racist is that I was raised with tv shows like Barney and the Care Bears as a kid, and our school teachers...
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How I understand Wisdom and Folly - A Theory

To me, a biblically foolish person is a prideful person who works to satisfy their own pride and ego and sense of dominance over others....
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Why Prayers Often Go Unanswered

Jesus said to begin a prayer with a selfless perspective and when asking for your needs, to pray in the communal collective meaning you...
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Does Karma really exist?

I've seen examples of karma but I still question if it really exists, do you have any good personal stories to prove it does?
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Which books are SAME in the 39 books of christian old testament and in jewish bible as preserved by josephus "we have 22 including five of moses"?

christians teach the total 39 books in old testament and they list 39. but if the christians accepted that part from jews and we know in...

Is God telling me about my future marriage?

I dream almost every week that I’m in a happy and loving relationship and I never had these dreams before. Some of the dreams are...

Is god aending me signs?

I'm currently going through a problem and am trying to get out of it. I truly believe in god and I'm christian (not like a nun though),...

What is the most rigid and orthodox community that exists in the world today?

I would say orthodox Judaism is the most rigid. I truly admire their exclusivity and how they adhere to all the traditional rulings of...

Did you know atheists know the Bible better than Christians?

Pew did a research study testing random people across the country on their knowledge of the Bible. The results showed that atheists had...
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Let's be honest here, which religion is the bigger cult?

By the way, I excluded Judaism because I don't want neo-Nazis to f*ck up this thread.
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How many christian folks on here actually believe and practice the 'golden rule'?

https://www.biblestudytools.com/matthew/7-12-compare.html As an atheist and former devout catholic i still take much value from...
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Fellow Christians. I want to ask you, are you holy? (Answer before reading below)?

Before I explain the correct answer for the followers of Christ, let’s just say, when I asked this you probably went to say well, I’m...
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Which location do you want to be after you die?

Only people, who are true believers of God can go to heaven and pick out a location they want to go to, but be careful what you wish for!
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