So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

Simply put, his victory was so unlikely to me that I truly cannot fathom it apart from Divine intervention or a miracle.

Donald J. Trump. Love him or hate him, the man is going to be the next president of the United States of America - arguably the most powerful office in the world next to the papacy - this coming January. Winning 290 electoral votes to the DNC's 228, Trump not only beat rival Hillary Clinton but curb stomped her in one of the greatest election upsets in American history since 1948. Not even the few political analyzers who thought that he actually had a chance at winning expected for it to go down like this. I certainly did not. @Waffles731 did not. None of the major experts, political buffs, or academics did either. Frankly, the majority of us did not even think that he had a chance of victory at all. Instead, the true debate was over just how badly he was going to lose. We were so certain that Hillary Clinton had this election in the bag. I would have literally bet my life upon it.

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...
And yet, Donald Trump defied all expectations. From being betrayed by his own party to *allegations* of sexual assault and the virtually nonexistent amount of donors and celebrity endorsements his campaign received opposed to Hillary Clinton whom the establishment clearly favored, he actually won. Never in a million years would I have expected this. Just look at social media and for that matter the media itself throughout the duration of this election. Trump was literally vilified as the next coming of Adolf Hitler himself. He was every Millennial's favorite punching bag. His supporters were bullied into silence, shamed, and publicly ostracized across college campuses everywhere. Even magazines that traditionally did not ever comment on American elections broke the silence to condemn Trump as unfit for the job. Heck, even the Harvard Republican Club refused to endorse him.

Nobody can deny the liberal media bias after this election.

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

Yet even so, the poor son of a bitch actually pulled it off. Donald J. Trump actually won and is going to be the next president.

So to all you smug leftists out there who dominate academia, the media, and entertainment industry - the politicians, celebrities, so called "intellectuals" who get to dictate culture - the liberals with their globalist agenda who through years of social engineering and weaponized political correctness thought that they could destroy tradition, family, and heritage for the godless ideals of the Enlightenment, and that nobody would ever fight back...

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...
So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

And That is Why I Believe Donald Trump was Chosen by God

His victory was nothing short of miraculous. And even though I am religious, I am not one to appeal to miracles or Divine intervention often, especially as it pertains to matters of politics. But I legitimately cannot fathom any other explanation for how Trump won this election apart from Divine intervention, be it on the part of God, the Higher Power, or fate itself depending upon what you believe. Never in my wildest, wettest dreams would I have expected for this to happen.

Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump is like the New England Patriots losing to a high school football team.

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

It Gets Even Better...

Not only did Donald Trump win the presidency, but he also won the Supreme Court in the aftermath of justice Antonin Scalia's passing. The 5-4 conservative majority will be maintained. And when the elderly abortionists on the Court finally die and reap their just reward in the fires of Hell, even more conservative justices will be appointed to replace the liberal ones. He also won Congress, as conservatives now hold a 239-192 and 51-48 majority in both the House and Senate.

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

Republicans now control all three branches of government.

It Had to be a Miracle...

From the Sexual Revolution to Roe v. Wade and Millennialism itself, conservatives have been fighting a losing battle for decades now. The Republican Party was genuinely on its way out. It was only a matter of time; the March of "Progress" was inevitable and deep down we all knew it. I truly believed that the United States was poised to undergo a dark era akin to Russia under the Bolsheviks, that the cancerous, parasitic rot known as liberalism that had been forced on us for almost a century now through Academia among other institutions was finally going to take over the government.

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

And yet, our salvation comes through a redheaded clown reality television host who decided to casually take up politics as a pastime, and thus our fate - quite literally - changes overnight. Everything conservatives have ever hoped to accomplish is finally here. After years of enduring staggering losses and nearly having our worldview booted from the public arena itself, we ultimately won the war in the course of a single night. I am reminded of a passage from the Christian Bible:

But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things that which are mighty...

And just like that, my faith is restored. I genuinely believe that the Left grew too big for its britches, and so God finally decided to intervene and shut them down. Again, unlike most Americans, I am not one to appeal to miracles often. The Cubs winning the World Series? Not a miracle. Kate Upton's chest? Not a miracle (just silicone). The redheaded clown winning the election against all odds and singlehandedly saving our country from the abyss? Most definitely a miracle, along with the revival of Eastern Orthodoxy across Russia even after almost a century of the godless yoke of the Bolsheviks.

Rejoice! Sauron has fallen!

Rejoice! Mordor has been cast into the abyss!

Rejoice! This is the age of the New Republic!

Now that that is out of the way, an apology is in order. Listen carefully, because I am only going to say this once, as I am not one to apologize very often. According to the Huffington Post, approximately 53% of white women voted for Donald Trump in this last election. In other words, 53% of the white women in this country have still maintained their sanity and not succumbed to the virus of feminism. Needless to say, my recent behavior toward women was unacceptable - I was proven wrong - there are still good, traditional women in this country who believe in family, God, and tradition. There are still women worth marrying. There are still good women worthy of honor, respect, and love.

I was wrong, and I never should have doubted you. Just when I was starting to lose all faith, the white women of this country pulled through and proved me wrong. I apologize for comparing you to prostitutes, condemning you via blanket judgments, and portraying your sex in such a negative and unfavorable light. White girls, will you ever forgive me?

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

In Conclusion...

Now, on a more serious note, while I believe that Donald Trump was chosen by God and that his victory was a miracle, I also believe that we have been given a divinely sanctioned responsibility. The same Being who bestowed this miracle upon us could just as easily take it away from us again. For we have been granted a reprieve, like when someone sentenced to death is shown mercy at the end. The Divine has wiped the slate clean, but it is only upon the condition that we ensure it does not become tarnished again, otherwise He can and will destroy us like Sodom and Gomorrah. We have been given one final chance to return to the one thing that made Western civilization great. It is now our duty to accept it, and to not commit the same mistakes of the past that gave rise to the society destroying cancer known as "progressivism" in the first place.

I have vowed to no longer remain silent.

Be it in the classroom, on campus, the public arena etc, I will no longer keep my conservative opinions to myself before the falsehood of liberalism. Silence is compliance whether we want to admit it or not. If it means being socially ostracized, hated, and vilified by those who ironically preach "Tolerance," then so be it. The opinions of Omelas do not concern me. I will no longer back down because of weaponized political correctness, the liberal media bias, and the leftists and feminist weirdos who dominate the education system. More than that, I have finally found my calling in life:

I will become a justice on the Supreme Court.

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...

Following in the footsteps of my idol the great late Antonin Scalia, pillar of true conservatism and general bad-assery, I will attend law school after undergrad with the aim of becoming a judge and someday working my way up to the Supreme Court. With Republican control now consolidated over all three branches of government, never has the time been better to pursue my dream. We need more conservative Millennials in high places to balance out the massive influx of all the liberal SJW ones who are going to be the politicians of tomorrow. For my dream has been made possible again.

And it is all thanks to the miracle of Donald Trump's victory.

So, I've Come to a Conclusion: Donald Trump Was Chosen by God to be President...
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  • karahiri
    Just because something is unlikely doesn't make it a miracle. Or sanctioned by God. That is the most illogical thing I've ever heard. Do the world a favor and reconsider your law career.
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  • peachblossomluck
    @RICHARDS1996, I try to be fair but your posts are getting more and more disturbing. I'm really hoping that you'll look into talking to a professional and stop misrepresenting God the way you are. There is nothing wrong with your ambitions but you have skewed perceptions of things right now.
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  • SovereignessofVamps
    What if he just paid people to help with everything? He is a billionaire and knows so, so many business people.
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    • Are you just messing with people with thee mytakes? I always offhandedly thought so...

    • Like I think it's called stoic/monotone humor?

    • There's other big money interests behind elections. Trump's 4.5 billion net worth isn't enough to buy his way to victory. You have George Soros, Labor Unions, Koch brothers, Wal-mart, Comcast Goldman Sachs, etc all making campaign donations. There are many powerful economic interests behind the scenes.

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  • TiffyPuff
    God doesn't exist, and Trump was voted in by people who feel desperate, justified or not, and Clinton was uninspiring so people didn't vote for her in contested areas. That's it. There's no divine intervention here. You're fucking loony.
  • AlphaMale1
    Trump's amazing run for the White House was accurately predicted in a prophecy on April 28, 2011! Here is the video:
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  • TripleAce
    You aren't the only one to think this. Some believe he is maybe a prophecy or the start of something

    That's faith is all about. If you believe it you are not wrong or right. It's a belief just like believing in god himself or religion. No different
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  • Bandit74
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  • Blonde401
    Please seek medical attention. You're getting more psychotic by the minute.
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  • bloodmountain1990
    Nope, it was actually the electoral college, which Trump complained about, that got him elected.

    Also, you need help.
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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Okay enough, God was created by man not the other way around. Also, why are you so down onwhjte women. I'm sorry you don't like the fact that women can have sex whenever they want. I do t understand guys like you who want to control women. Also, liberalism is evil really. Helping give poor food stamps and trying to stop racial discrimination is so evil what does that about you and how you think. Ahh but screw it, one day you will die and then you won't ever even know that you were wrong your entire life because you won't just wake up in heaven oh well. Religious people are a big part of the reason the world is so screwed up right now.
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  • Blueeyes81
    Believe what you want to believe but you've got issues and they go well beyond this question. I suggest you tackle those before you tackle the world.
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  • TheSpartan
    Of course he was. I concluded this months ago.

    As far as the Supreme Court goes, I'd like to see:
    Justice Ted Cruz
    Justice Andrew Napolitano
    Justice William Pryor
    Justice Jeanine Pirro
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  • Fathoms77
    Okay, I'm pretty sure he wasn't chosen by God.
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    • You have to admit, his victory was nothing short of miraculous in that it truly defied all odds and expectations.

    • Fathoms77

      I used to think so... not so sure about that now.

      If you really step back and look at it, and you listen to what a lot of political analysts are saying, we should've considered it far more realistic than we thought. In the first place, the media ALWAYS promotes the Democratic candidate so to much of the country, it really did seem like there was only one "real" candidate. But that was another fly in the ointment, another reason people were annoyed. They were just sick of the one-sidedness and total domination of one political party, not to mention the increasing bias of the media.

      When one side starts to feel ignored and marginalized, they react. Trump is really the result of a lot of frustration, concern, disappointment and anger at the liberal regime, finally boiling over and saying, "we've had ENOUGH." In that way, on reflection, I'm not sure it was "miraculous" at all. :)

  • Saoirse_Nua
    That could be true or more likely BS
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  • redeyemindtricks
    What the shit? LOL
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  • LivingLife94
    You clearly need help in so many ways
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  • CisScum
    Is this the Twilight Zone?
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  • Adigelunar
    thats cooll
  • Roll_Tide_Roll
    Damn, I fucking love this take!
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  • Anonymous
    I don't think it was a deity intervening in his favor. I rather see the interventions of FBI director Comey and of Russian hackers and dozens of fake news sites spreading lies about Hillary and a uneducated gullible public:

    According to the U. S census about 43.8 percent of African immigrants achieved the most college degrees, compared to 42.5 percent of Asian-Americans, 28.9 percent for immigrants from Europe, Russia and Canada
    and 23.1 percent of the U. S. population as a whole.
  • Anonymous
    If Donald was chosen by God, then Obama was chosen by God too. And Bill Clinton too. And all the other American presidents, the ones you like and the ones you dislike.
  • Anonymous
    OP the only act of God you're gonna see in your lifetime is finding a woman of sound mind who will agree to consensual sex with you.
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    • And what about me? can shy sweet guys get sex from girls?

  • Anonymous
    It was "fate", or perhaps even luck. Either way, whatever happened has happened. It's best to just let it all unfold on it own, since it's already happening right now. Perhaps some of those Bernie Sanders supporters had also turned on the Democrats when they nominated Hillary, and they decided to vote against Hillary as payback, since I've read somewhere and heard that this election is not necessarily about whom you are going to vote for but also about whom you are going to be voting against. If Bernie had gotten the nomination his main advantage over Trump and compared to Hillary, is that he has no scandals and no controversies. But whether or not this would tilt the odds in the favor, we won't know since it just didn't happen.
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    • I was for Bernie from the get-go. Hillary being our Dem troubled me.

  • Anonymous
    Do you realise everything that Hillary has been through in order to attempt to become president? The media has taken a dump on her, yet she has helped so many people. America deserves to be punished as a whole for not seeing how strong a candidate she was. For electing a president, that used such vile insults and won. America has proven to the world how uncivilised it is.
    But at the same time, Hillary didn't work hard enough or plan far enough. She didn't have the foresight to think ahead, and that was her folly. When she knew she was going to run again, she should have continued pulling in support via the media and internet.
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    • The media taking a dump on her? Is this satire or are you really that deluded? She had the advantage EVERY step of the way! Even her Wikileaks scandals were brushed under the rug. She received celebrity endorsements and millions of dollars in sponsors. The whole of social media favored her.

      Trump was clearly the underdog in this whole thing, and he prevailed.

    • Anonymous

      what about before that. You are looking at the now.
      prior to this run, Hillary was continuously attacked.
      i think that now, she must learn from her mistakes and plan, plan and plan some more if she plans on running again. She can win, it was just that she didn't think things through.
      Furthermore, she got rarely as much press as Trump. Trump got like 10x more bad pub than Hillary, yet, it was still publicity. Bad publicity is better than no publicity.

    • Hillary is not recovering from this. Mark my words, you will never hear the name Hillary Clinton again. She has to forever live with the fact that she lost to the red headed clown in the biggest election upset in American history since 1948. She is the New England Patriots in my analogy. And she lost to a high school team. Furthermore the DNC is never going to back her after this. They'll try a new approach with new candidates. Frankly her best bet now is to retire gracefully before losing all traces of integrity.

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  • Anonymous
    That's funny, he surely wasn't chosen by my god
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