Why Trump is the President of the United States


Ever since he won the election, Trump has garnered quite a bit of rage from his opponents. A candidate who was consistently derided ever since he announced he was running managed to beat the odds in a fundamentally dishonest system. This system had dismissed him as a joke, published inaccurate polling results in an attempt to dishearten his supporters, and as they saw his popularity continue to rise, ramped up their attacks in an accelerando of increasingly hateful and desperate rhetoric.

Why Trump is the President of the United States

I don’t intend for this to be a lengthy Take. The reason Trump won is that Western civilization was at a turning point in that fateful month of November. America had morphed from a strong, majority social conservative nation to a progressive, nightmarish, Tumblr-vision dystopia in a few short years. Trump represented a traditional America – one that doesn’t bend the knee to retarded third-world dictators, doesn’t see any inherent value in the joke known as multiculturalism, and seeks domestic growth through trade policies and regulations that benefit us, not our enemies. He represented an America that desired to make itself great again, not the internationalist aim of making inferior countries great when that’s clearly never going to happen.

Why Trump is the President of the United States

On the other hand, Hillary embodied “diverse” America – one that is dependent, frail, credulous, and easily offended. A Hillary speech made the stomach of any true patriot churn with its banal, emotional pleas and string of now-meaningless adjectives. When called a misogynist, racist, homophobe, et al., the rational man thought to himself, “So what if I were any of those things? Would I be banished from the public square by this woman? Is free speech dead?”

You see, this entire election was a referendum on the future of America. You either saw the strength of our country as the traditional working man who serves as a pillar of his community and his economy, or the parasitic, subversive, and unassimilated migrant who is supposedly valuable to us simply by being “diverse”. America was asked whether it wanted to become Western Europe, and the answer was a resounding “NO!”. We have no need for discredited Marxist theory and sniveling, bleeding-heart weaklings at the helm of the world’s greatest superpower. As liberal pissbabies continue to have meltdowns over not getting their way for once, Trump voters only feel more assured that they made the right decision.

Why Trump is the President of the United States

We are entering a beautiful and prosperous new era in the US. As a US citizen, one can choose either to integrate and express the proper devotion, or to be treaded into the shit by those who do. There is no room for turncoats in our glorious nation.

Why Trump is the President of the United States

Why Trump is the President of the United States
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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Agreed. To me, Trump represents the strength America lost when we tried to be "nicer" to everyone else.

    Over time, America decided to lose all of its self respect. We started helping other countries and being "friendlier," but we broke our backs in doing so.

    Obama apologizing to the Japanese for the bombing, letting Putin walk all over him, Loretta Lynch announcing the prosecution of those who speak against Islam, catering to illegals and making sure their lives are in order instead of taking care of our own Veterans who actually care enough to die for us. It's pathetic. You seen how Obama let Putin walk all over him in his own White House? Good God.

    But now we have someone with an actual backbone. Someone with drive to actually WIN instead of letting others win because "it's the right thing to do." With Trump as President, I'm optimistic that America will eventually have its individuality and value back. We're not some all-you-can-eat buffet for other countries to take whatever they want from. We're a God damn world superpower, and we deserve to be treated as such.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • BrittBratt2416
    He's president cause we have a lot dumbasses in America
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    • Goethe

      What makes them dumbasses?

      Not that you even read the Take, but w/e

    • https://youtu.be/YKeYbEOSqYc
      This is why he's president

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  • Rissyanne
    Great take... but watch out. There are some nasty liberals on here.
    • Goethe

      Oh, I've met all of them. Very few can come up with any kind of coherent argument, though.

  • HeckYeah
    The rednecks who want to vote for someone who is far opposite of them. How the heck country people would vote for someone who is a New York businessman who is also a billionaire and lives a fancy life?
    • Goethe

      Because his wealth doesn't mean their interests are inherently opposed?

    • Because he's the only one willing to address their problems all Hillary and Obama talked about was welfare, glass ceilings and SJW bullshit.

  • cth96190
    Why is Trump president?
    Because enough of the US population have woken up.
    Every time that the loony left takes to the streets to attack people, smash and burn property and block traffic the number of Trump supporters increases.
    The left are too stupid to understand that.
  • RhythmBlack
    Look I'm most concerned about the economy and the fueling of Anti-American sentiment in the 7 countries he listed in the travel ban and that potential wall he's trying to build.
    If ISIS wanted to give people a reason to hate the US, that travel ban will be a great reason to get people join them.
    If the wall goes up, it'll dash our ties to Mexico to pieces.
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Trump became president because Clinton and the DNC fucked up majorly. Trump would've lost embarrassingly if Bernie Sanders was made to be the DNC nominee.
    • Goethe

      There's some truth to that. I'm certainly glad he didn't win.

    • flypaper

      I really wish Bernie would have won primaries :(

    • Goethe

      @flypaper blame black voters for that. Most voted for Shillary.

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  • John_Doesnt
    He is president because people who don't accept evolution or climate change are allowed to vote.
    • Goethe

      Neither of those were major issues this election. At least not for most Trump supporters. The religious right doesn't hold much sway anymore.

    • https://youtu.be/YKeYbEOSqYc
      He's president because Liberal elites want to employ cheap ilegal workers so they can live high on the hog and don't care about other American citizens as long as they are doing well. 8 years of welfare and few jobs Micheal Moore says it best.

    • @Iraqveteran666 he's president because mentally handicapped veterans are allowed to vote.

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  • redeyemindtricks
    You write very well, especially if you're rlly just 18.
    • Goethe

      Thanks. I'm an engineering student and spelling/grammar doesn't come as naturally to me, but Doomguy prodded me into writing more after Trump won and I've forced myself to step it up.

    • Excellent -- Keep it up <3

  • douride2
    All I can say about the whole mess is that the people must have really hated the other candidate.
    • Goethe

      We hated her no less than we loved god-king Trump.

    • And there were people who's skeptical to both of the candidates.

  • jacquesvol
    And Putin helped a bit
    FBI director Comey made comments against Clinton in July though he found no grounds to indict her.
    Next month the same FBI director Comey declined to comment about investigations concerning Russian hacks 'because the elections were TOO NEAR'.
    In October -while advanced voting was going on- the same FBI director Comey sends a message that he had MAYBE found a lead to indict her IF there was interesting material on a laptop intheir possesion.
    10 days later , just before the election date the same FBI director Comey admitted he had found nothing.
    As if the FBI and NSA computers need 10 days to examine the HDD of a laptop.
  • Dred1614returns
    He's POTUS because he won the electoral college. Enough said.
  • Ladyslipper
    I wish trump could be my sugar daddy
    • Goethe

      Don't we all?

    • jacquesvol

      you're too late. Just line up behind the others. You'll be served in aproximatively 11 years and 8 months, due to the big interest for this job.

      (by then Mr T. will only be 82 )

    • Well how are you doing pleased to meet you and my name's Trump if you want it to be lol.

  • I don't care.
    • Goethe

      If you didn't care, you wouldn't comment at all.

    • JoyGirl

      Ture, true. 👏😆

  • Jan1ssary_
    Because u guys voted him thats why lol.
    • Goethe

      That's an oversimplified way of putting it, but accurate.

  • lumberman9
    Believe what you want I will never get behind him
    • Rissyanne

      I am sure all the Trump supporters are going to lose sleep over this... lol

    • lumberman9

      @Rissyanne I don't care if they do or not I'm not losing sleep over their opinions or statements

    • Rissyanne

      I really dont give a damn... And I doubt anyone does

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  • rose004b
    I enjoyed reading this!
  • grizzlyjake
    Great commentary!
  • Anonymous
    I expected to read some whiny bullshit about how America is full of hateful idiots from some low testosterone scrawny pencil-necked liberal beta weakling.
    • Goethe

      Hahaha. No, that's Waffles, one of the editors. GaG doesn't want me to be an editor for some reason. I wonder why. /s

    • Anonymous


      Haha that's true, and there are quite a few others.

  • Anonymous
    He's president cuz he ran against a flawed candidate.
    the retarded electoral college system.
    And people are dumb as shit.
    • Goethe

      The electoral system is not "retarded". It exists so all the liberal poofters in coastal states don't decide every election.

    • Rissyanne

      You will get him elected again... lol

    • Anonymous

      it is retarded and the only people who like it are right wing nuts cuz with the exception of 2004, they haven't won one popular vote in 25 years.

      we're the only country in the world that has such a dumb system and population centers of other countries don't decide elections. your argument is false.

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  • Anonymous
    There are 2 words that sum up the reason why Trump was elected: POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. People are sick and tired of political correctness and its effect on the US over the past 8 years. Enough is enough.

    Electing Trump was seen as a move back toward sanity. But the insane do not see Trump for what he is... a straightforward leader. And that's how insanity works, isn't it.
    • itsallover

      You could've just said: 'I'm tired of the country being run by a black man' and the message would've been the same.

    • Goethe

      They have no other argument. They've made words like "racist" so hackneyed and trite that they no longer mean anything.

    • Anonymous

      Bingo. It's sad because racism is a real problem that deserves far more respect than these idiots give it.

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  • Anonymous
    The rise of Donald Trump is an interesting one to me. While I am not a huge (or should I say "yuge?") fan of Trump, I have to say that I think his presidency was earned.

    I don't really subscribe to one school of political thought (though I guess I subscribe to Libertarianism the most). For example, I believe in removing gun-free zones, I want recreational marijuana use legalized, I support gay marriage and even polygamous/polyandrous marriage, and I want way less taxes.

    The political Left, it seems to me, has fractured in a great schism. The Left is now made up of actual Liberals and SJW crybabies. Sadly, the Left gave the SJW crybabies a home, and those crybabies drowned out the voices of the actual Liberals.

    Even though I agree with the Left on many things (e. g. the legalization of marijuana), I'm often told that my opinions are void, because I'm a white male. Seriously, what kind of bullshit is that? I'm sick of being called "privileged" just because I share a similar skin color with somebody who lived 150+ years ago. I've also been told to stop "mansplaining" when giving my honest opinion on a topic. For a people who are so-called "accepting and tolerant," the SJWs sure love to bring up race and gender a lot, especially when white males are involved.

    In my opinion, if the Left wants to be seen as a viable option in the 2020 race, they have to assure the voters that they no longer condone the SJW mentality and the ensuing hostility towards anyone who disagrees with them. I'm a hardcore Atheist, and I've found that the hyper-religious Conservatives are more accepting of my ideals, and open to actual discussion, than the SJWs are. I do NOT consider myself a Conservative by any means (except maybe fiscally), but even I can see that the Left is filled with far more racists/sexists/bigots than the Right is.

    I hope that the rise of Donald Trump has helped to become a sort of wake-up call to the non-SJW Left to immediately kick out the SJWs from their platform.