Reasons to like John Cena


Reasons to like John Cena

Let's face it I'm not a fan of wrestling and I don't want to know what The Rock is cooking.

But I do want to know more about this man. Not because he is handsome, he isn't my idea of handsome.

But because I sat next to him on a plane for a Red Eye from LAX to EWR years ago not knowing who the hell he was but knowing he was polite and overly nice but not in a creepy way. I figured he had to be military.

I overheard the flight attendants assessing he was military and we were in first class. I had to disturb him every time I went to pee because he took up space and he always apologized before I could.

He apologized to the flight attendants for asking for a Dr Pepper when he found out they didn't have it. The main reason I remember all of this is because 2 weeks later I saw him on a commercial for wrestling.

I bring this up because he was on SNL this weekend and gave a shakey performance busting his own chops on opening. He was also on Parks and Rec. He isn't a great actor what you are seeing is him.

He's a good guy and this comes from someone who despises wrestling.

Reasons to like John Cena
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  • Junlian
    No one hates cena personally. His character as a wrestler sucks all kinds of horse c**k. He used be the stuff back when he started smack down with his thuganomic gimmick. Now he's the modern hulk hogan that never turns heel plus gets endless title shots. But anyway. I respect him either way cause give back to the fans rather than faking his career.
    • Anonymous

      I met him 10 years ago on the night these guys all won belts. I only know this because other guys were carrying their belts on their shoulders and I was confused. I only made the connection later.

      I know nothing of wrestling but I was impressed by his nature. I now recognize him in acting roles and he's the same guy I met. Honestly I had drinks so I needed to pee a lot which meant disturbing him slightly only because he is huge. His legs were in my way.

      But I do think some people confuse his stage personality with him personally. I've met many famous people but he was the best.

    • I personally think Hulk Hogan was somewhat worse though.

  • UnknownReflection
    John Cena is a wonderful man. I love his personality, his Wrestling and his character.

    Nice take!