Why does everyone say the same stupid cliche shit?

Why does everyone say the same stupid cliche shit?

I am sick to death of hearing people say the same stupid shit. It is like the whole world is linked into a hive brain computer. Occasionly the dumb fucks get a new download. It uploads the new latest stupid bitch saying. For example "I know right.", has been replaced with "right now." What the hell is going on? Do these dumbfucks get a email or something. How do the dumb bitches all know. One minute they are all saying "It is all good.", next its "It is what it is."

Here is a list of the offending stupidity. "Are you serious right now." "Are you kidding me right now." Anything ending in right now. "It is what it is." "It is all good." "I know right." "Lifes good"

Overusing "Wow." "Cool." "Bro" "Bruh" "Like"

If I am talking to someone and they throw out one of these stupid ass phrases I immediately lose respect for the person, their IQ drops 80 points in my eyes and I cannot get away from them quick enough. I think people do it because they think it makes them sounds cute or trendy but to me you sound like a basic bitch, an uninteresting, boring basic bitch. Why do people all want to sound the same. I do not remember this being a thing when i was younger. I can understand school age people doing this and that is a time when you follow trends and try to copy people because you have not found yourself but this is old people too.

Any insight or better yet how can I politely call them out. Let them know this shit is not interesting. I FEEL LIKE I AM HAVING THE SAME CONVERSATION OVER AND OVER. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

Why does everyone say the same stupid cliche shit?
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  • sageevalentinee
    BLOODY HELL. No one has ever before been able to phrase how I feel so perfectly. Nothing is more maddening than having a one way conversation with a friend, since all they seem to be able to add it: I KNOW RIGHT!!! OMG NO WAY!!! ARGH I FEEL YOU!!! YA, FAIRS!!! EH WHATEVER!!! LIFES CHILL!!!

    I think it could be to do with everyone feeling the need to be politically correct all the time, and also not really having any opinion and being too afraid to share them from fear of argument. Conversations are about debating and conversing and compromising. Talking to a robot is no fun.
    When I talk to my boyfriend or parents about politics, or books, or something as simple as food we have interesting opinions, experiences that the other doesn't, we admit we're wrong, and we say when we don't understand. Talking to school friends is useless, you can't talk about anything meaningful, and you always get the same generic answers.
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    • Finally someone with brains. Thank you. I think they do it to sound cute and trendy. These are the same assholes that were talking like babies when that was a thing.
      Look at all these moronic fucks who came here to attack me and self righteously state how petty i am. Which is another thing i hate. I call it the new Americsn passtime. Sitting around finding fault and flaws in everyone else instead of improving themselves.
      Anyway. You are my kindred spirit indeed. I am curious to know what your opinion is on other topics.

    • Yeah well all those attacking you are guilty of having a 100 word vocabulary! And yes I agree, I've seen so many people, fat and couch potatoes, micro picking on other people's flaws instead of thinking what they could do to improve. I'm quite glad to live in Europe, where I assume our issues aren't as bad as America's especially among the English upper class - very fun people to be around. I'm glad we can relate!

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  • ronaldo75
    Too many narrow bands of information and an arrogant ass elitist society that attacks individuality. Everyone watches the same bullshit netflix series, looks at the same memes, watches the smaller and smaller group of hollywood blockbusters and spends hours and hours on the same 5 websites.
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  • FatherJack
    Another one... constant use of " literally " as well as the others. Most people are " media " brainwashed , conformist , herd animals... deep down they fear " rocking the boat " will mean rejection by peers. Give me ferrets and dogs over people anytime !!
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    • Heaz99

      And using LIKE in every damn sentence!!!

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  • FunkyMonkee
    One of the ones I hate is, "My bad!" What's wrong with, "Oops!", or, "my mistake" or just, "Sorry."?
    Another one that really irks me is, "Back in the day...". Back in WHAT day? THE day could be anywhere from a few months ago to a few billion years ago!! Be more specific!!
    and the one that REALLY cheeses me off is the new trend everyone seems to have picked up in the past 5 years, starting EVERY sentence with the word, "So".
    "Is that your dog?"
    "So yeah, that's my dog."
    "What's your dog's name?"
    "So, my dog's name is, Muffy."
    "Hey! That's a really cool car!!"
    "So, I just bought it."
    "Don't you ever get tired of starting every fucking sentence with the word, "So"?"
    "So, no."
    When I hear someone do that I just say, "SOOO" really loud in a dumb voice.
    Another is, saying 'like" after every other word!! I have a friend who says some form of the word "fuck" every other word. and if he can't think of the next word he wants to use he just keeps repeating, "fuckin', fuckin'', fuckin'" until he gets the right word in his mouth. "I fuckin' went fuckin' yesterday to the fuckin' store and I fuckin' bought a fuckin' brand fuckin' new fuckin', fuckin', fuckin', fuckin', guitar pick." I'd MUCH rather hear that than "like" every other word!!
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    • My sister got into the habit of using fuck like that. Thankfully she got a job and had to stop. I hate all of those. And dude i cannot believe i forgot dude. For some reason i really hate it when it is a couple. And both the assholes are calling each other dude. Fake ass fucks make me want to smash their heads together. Or Bro bruh every other word

    • I'm so fucking sick of "dude" already!!! My boss, a guy in his early 50's, used to call me. "dude" and I was 5 years older than him! Yeah, girls calling each other, "Dude!" Here's a Dude argument for you. https://youtu.be/d7sf2O90eu4
      Another one I fucking can't stand is, "good to go"!! First off, it sounds stupid as fuck and, secondly, we had a guy sit in with us on bass for one gig and he was ALWAYS saying that and, on the way home he fell asleep at the wheel and nearly killed us!! So, it always reminds me of that nightmare!!
      "Cool" I'm okay with, I say it a good bit when I'm not using "groovy" or "copacetic". and "wow" doesn't bother me at all, either.

    • ronaldo75

      Say "so" to start every sentence grates the lining of my fucking SOUL.

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  • Heaz99
    One thing I hate that girls in particular use is the phrase: "Ugh, as if!" to sound sassy. It's like the girl part of society thinks it's "cool" to act like a total brat and have a negative attitude. What happened to class and being nice and respectable young ladies? Now, it seems as if girls just think that this is one big competition to see who can have the most ugly and snobby attitude.

    Another one that is annoying is when they put that emphasis on "Sooo". I absolutely hate that!
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    • I know exactly what you mean. Having class and money is not the same thing. Most people think being rude is how to seem classy. If you have class you can talk and associate with anyone and it will not take awsy from your classiness.
      I hate the dumbass bitches who say are you serious right now. I was watching two morons ghost hunting those two bitches repeated are you serious right now and omg over and over and over. Pepper in a few literally right now and dude. For extra coolness

    • Heaz99

      Your reply made me laugh a little because I used to watch ghost adventures and that's all they would do. They looked like complete idiots!

    • I watch this one called nukes top 5 on youtube. It is people who found shit not those stupid shows. God they are fake. Ooh i just felt something touch me. Oh it is cold right here. Like literally 10 degrees colder. Did you hear that. Boring. Some are stupid but he has stuff people caught on film. Some are interesting

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  • foppbopp
    Because we're monkeys and this is how we socialize.
    It's exhausting to talk about ACTUAL values, about things that are particular to our soul, because when we disagree, that divides us and makes us suffer. It brings your soul under attack.

    It forces you to either feel separated from others or let part of you die. It brings conflict. It forces you to criticize yourself, hold yourself to an ideal, and most people want to believe that THEY are ideal the way they are. They don't want to let any part of themselves, no matter how egocentric, shallow, unfair it is go, because it feels like cutting part of your body off.

    Far easier to conceal those things with superficial bullshit, like memes, movies, music, political "opinions", that all of us can "agree" on, and an identity, like being vegan, or feminist, or goth, or liking musicals, or being "crazy", or knowing history very well, some external bullshit that makes you interesting to superficial people.
    That's what we call the social fabric. That fabric is designed to conceal our true, rough, bumpy selves with a smooth, pleasant surface.

    If you in any way diverge from this codex, when your tear holes into the fabric and reveal the ugly sight beneath, that's what we call "awkward". It makes people deeply uncomfortable.

    Young children don't have a sense for awkwardness. They're just themselves.

    99% of people do not understand that you can't have an actual relationship to others like this, because none of you is even visible.

    Don't call them out. They will hate you for it. They will get defensive. You can not reach them. You just can't. And they will stand as one against you. The force that keeps them where they are is infinitely stronger than you.

    Honestly, if you ask me, people don't need to talk at all, unless it is about an exchange of information.
    The only thing that matters is how we treat each other.
    Our lives have become so comfortable though, that we never get to show each other what we're willing to sacrifice. We can't share food or protect each other from wolves, we don't need protection from the cold, we don't need to fear for our lives, we have nothing to offer except for "agreeing" with each other about arbitrary nonsense, and showing off useless knowledge, possessions and status.

    We live in a world where we hardly ever collide with reality. People can't feel themselves, so they create a "body", an "I", and things to collide with or cuddle up to through all this nonsense.
    When they "agree" on those things, share the same identity, they feel as one. They share a body.
    When someone, or a group, shares an identity contrary to theirs, they are their "enemies".

    When someone like you comes along, and devalues what they assign value to, it feels like you're dissolving their body.

    They will think you're a nihilist. Even though THEY are the ones, who value worthless things.

    Personal question: Do you have Aspergers or high functioning autism, or perhaps just a high IQ?

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    • High IQ. This is a real in depth psychocological profile. I wasn't actually wanting a deep conversation with them. I just wanted to understand why they cannot exchange pleasantries without talking like this... Welcome to... Hi. I am looking for... OMG. I know right. Dude This one kills. I dont like it. Are you like serious right now.

    • foppbopp

      Well, the explanation still stands.
      But if it's only the form, and not the content that is bothering you, I honestly don't know WHY it bothers you in the first place.
      In its essence, its a way of signalling that there is something inside them that they share. Sharing the same language and expressions IS a way of exchanging pleasantries.
      No less superficial, meaningless and annoying than any other pleasantry, if you ask me.

  • Lliam
    One cliche that bugs me is "No problem" in response to a thank you. That evolved into the more Australian version, "No problems", as in "No problems, mate."

    "At this point in time" is particularly retarded. Who besides some law enforcement official behind a microphone says that?

    You're right, most cliches are popularized by kids who want to stand apart from adults. Every generation does it. And some of those chiches are flat out stupid. Certain modern words like "bae", "thick" and "crush" really bother me. I'm sure there are many others, but I don't have any kids or grand kids so I don't have to keep up modern vernacular. I guess I don't listen to enough rap music to be hip.

    Generally, though, I don't mind most cliches. They enter the general vocabulary and the more useful, descriptive or clever of them become mainstream. They become short hand. Avoiding them completely makes a person appear too stilted to be any fun at all. The English language evolves and many words and phrases that are now part of the language were originally coined by poets or they began as contractions or turns of phrase that got repeated until they became common. The same is true of certain foreign words that are now part of our vocabulary.

    Using certain phrases and embellishments can even indicate a well rounded grasp of culture and a clever sense of humor.

  • Lynx122
    People don't want to spend their time thinking of the most original way to say something they just want to have a talk with a buddy. If you want originality then join a lierature club or poetry.
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    • I dont think you have to be a poet to carry on an intelligent conversation moron.

  • talloak
    I don’t think most of them are doing it consciously to look a certain way. People pick up language used around them as a matter of course. That’s how language works. Most people do it, but their peers differ. For example, self-styled intellectuals do this too, and for them it’s even more affected. So I personally don’t think this is something to hold against people; it’s really more of a cultural difference than a lack of intelligence or self-determination.
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  • Jaded5990
    I always thought ‘it is what it is’ and ‘it’s all good‘ are used to end conversations. If you want to have an intelligent and interesting conversation, why not choose people with similar interests. It seems like a waste of time and energy to ‘call them out’ when you can direct your anger towards something more productive
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  • RolandCuthbert
    Because we are members of cultural groups. If you want to hear something different or have different conversations, visit a different cultural group or visit a different society. But then you will probably complain about being left out and feeling alone.
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    • ronaldo75

      "But then you will probably complain about being left out and feeling alone." - you are bitter, small little person aren't you? I travel... A LOT.. and guess what the traditional cultures in lots of countries iare basically burnt out and being replaced with lifeless American hip-hop and pop garbage.

    • @ronaldo75 Bitter? Dude, you are the last person in this universe to accuse someone else of being bitter.

      I was talking to the person who created this thread. But now that you mentioned it, you certainly don't seem like you have been anywhere. Hip-Hop is replacing traditional cultures?

      I don't even know what to say to that.

      From my visit to Latvia. . . my girlfriend and I watched the Eurovision practice sessions two years ago.



      Not that I dislike Hip-Hop mind you. I think it is gold. But I love culture. And I have traveled far and wide to experience different cultures.

    • ronaldo75

      Mainstream singer/songwriter horseshit.. but because it's from Latvia you think it's "culture". Dude stop.

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  • KaitieSearching
    It’s a dialect; spread more rapidly and widely through the internet. But beyond it’s abnormal scope and velocity, it is a completely normal phenomenon which is a part of culture and in-group identification.

    In other words:
    It’s toats the norm, bruhhhhh...
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  • brathwaitereginald74
    It's being done to be/ look trendy, be the next meme or for likes; i try to tolerate it but it's a stupid trend, the " Is this real life right now? " statement makes me laugh at just how stupid they are.
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  • OldSchool_Metalhead
    Go ahead and kill me, but some things i say a lot is "cool" "man"(like as in "hey man" or "thanks man"), i say "anytime" when someone says thanks, occasionally i say something is "rad." But thats more rare. But GOD FORBID if someone says "literally", "keeping it real", "swag", "on fleek", "throwing shade", constantly saying "like", etc. Whenever i hear that i wanna smack the person in the back of the head lol.
  • RoxiFromTheDark
    Slang is fun to use and especially in city’s like mine urban we tend to use a lot of slang because that’s just what it is.
    Once out slang hit the media which was taken from us and now being used by suburb kids like they all didn’ didn’t think like you before. I think it’s weird when suburb kids tu and use slang that’s the only time it annoys me.
    Also slang isn’t a sign of low intelligence that’s not factual in any way, if so please show me where.
  • IceCastles
    I stick to very old school slang when I'm hanging with friends, and I mean old school. Now when I'm in a meeting with the boss, no slang is used at all because I'm not an idiot. The boss is the one who uses the slang and its it's horrible. If he says you can't touch this one more time, I'm gonna snap. I promise.
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  • Киттйлинк
    It is annoying... almost as annoying as the people complaining about how annoying it is lol 😂.. drama queens and followers... all fall in the same batch to me! 😖😂!!
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  • Alanay
    They're unoriginal, but at the same time people who aren't like that just don't talk much at all.
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    • That is not true at all.

    • It would be quite interesting to see how many slang expressions you can string together in coherent sentences and create a paragraph...

  • nailu
    My favorite is GOTCHA. I’m finding somebody else to talk to
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    • That one does not bother me. Damn i forgot. Oh my god. I really hate it when some dumb cunt gets stuck on an omg loop on those damn remodel shows. can't they say something else. And fuck these people show the work. They will show the fools face for a full 5 minutes and flash the house so quick you barely get to see it.

    • nailu

      uhm aah you know... if you don’t know what you want to say don’t say anything
      I can’t stand the remodel shows

    • nailu

      let’s go shoot guns

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  • mattdzz
    This is the problem that I noticed in discussing politics: most people who think one way or another simply think the exact same way as everyone else of that political flavor, to where I could simply ask you a few questions and know how you (claim to) feel/ think on any number of matters.
    As far as colloquialism, it is difficult to escape common expressions, but once you break past the surface of people, and this is something most psychologists/ psychiatrists will tell you, they are infinitely interesting and unique creatures. It's just too often they have a societal expected opinion/ outlook on something that is easier than them coming up with one of their own.
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  • Therisinghero12
    You have a part to play in the conversation too, if you're tired of hearing the same things then take the conversation in a different direction, don't just keep making the same mistake and blaming other people for it.
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  • Salmon4056
    The only thing I hate is that Californian valleygirl accent. I've seen some of these words used with the accent, but I wouldn't consider these people to having low IQs and etc. It's but it probably can't be helped if they grew up speaking thay way.
  • CarpetDenim
    Nice one! I mean literally just wow, bro, wicked cool myTake. Reading it was an amazing use of like, two minutes of my time. Bruh moment. Lol. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😆😆😆😆🤪🤪🤪🤪
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