Winter depression (SAD) & a preview on a future myTake


Winter depression

The following song, "Es ist wieder Februar" ("it's February again") is about winter depression/seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It's a tribute to February, one of the most exhausting months of the year for some people (including myself).

My sadness is much worse in winter, although I love the cold months, I simply can't bear how it's always dark early in the evening and the sun rises late.

Do you also suffer from winter depression/SAD?

My next myTake

The topic of the music video is Burschenschaften, which are elite men's clubs. I'll publish a myTake on this topic soon as they're involved in the extreme right of Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and are only now losing their influence in politics in Austria (the political influence of Burschenschaften in Switzerland and Austria is not as big).

So far, I've researched on this topic for more than seven hours and didn't start writing yet, meaning that this may take some more time :) Here's an English video you can watch in the meantime for an American's perspective on the Mensur, which is the process shown in "Es ist wieder Februar" (the video above):Here's another on their influence in Austria:

Ugh, the drinking

Yay, fraternities!

Winter depression (SAD) & a preview on a future myTake
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  • rud0_88
    Deine stärke muss von innen kommen. Warum so viel Leid und Hass für dein eigenes leben?

    Was willst du aus dem leben? Warum hast es nicht?

    This is a tricky topic. But you should always persue endorphins. If there's no sunlight, go tanning. Work out. Rode bikes and listen to happy music, not music that brings you down.
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    • Ich hab nicht viel Hass auf mein Leben, es ist nur oft sehr stressig und das setzt einem mehr zu wenn weniger Licht draußen ist XD.
      Ich hab sehr lang Schule teilweise und komme dann im Dunkeln nach Hause, das ist anstrengend. In der Früh ist es wegen des Pendelns sowieso fast immer dunkel.

      Yeah, I agree. I work out a lot and food also helps :D

  • Rangers
    I'm always depressed, but especially when I'm reminded that nobody loves me in February
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    • Oh yeah right, Valentine's, I somehow always forget about it luckily... Feburary is a depressing month.

    • Rangers

      @tallandsweet Maybe we can comfort eachother then?😃

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  • NaultD
    For myself i think the worst is over. Just ending the Christmas rush makes life bearable. I can see how feburary is the "darkest moment before the dawn" for people. I'm also vary close to the artic circle that has zero sunlight on the day of winter solstice.

    It's definitely noticeably hard on people in every regard. Just from moods to even suicide rates.
  • Yeah I think it's tough on a number of people... but it's good to point it out so they know they are not alone. And please reach out to someone if you feel this way even pming a friend on gag can be a very healing experience for you
    • Jjpayne

      I say that not trust for you tall and sweet but for all gaggers

    • Jjpayne


  • DonCachondo
    I could never get over how fortuitously hilarious the name SAD is for a depressive disorder
    • Boppy

      ... and then there's SAD meaning Social Anxiety Disorder. How embarrassing.

  • mark6789
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Nice take