Depression: A War in the Past, Present, and Future


Depression It’s a daily battle. I fight it everyday myself, but it has no dominion over me as it used to. Contrary to what many that do not suffer from it may believe, there is no magic off button or an option to “just not be depressed”, but there are ways to fight it. Just as Physical Health is important arguably more so is Mental Health, as there is Medicine for your physical ailments there is as well for the mind...

I’m not talking the chemical type. Rationality and Logic can be great self therapy.

IG: @collected.mindspace
IG: @collected.mindspace

Remember even when you are alone you really aren’t we are all connected with one simple thing... we know that others feel the same and when they are standing up it means we can stand up too. Our battles are our own to fight but we that go through it understand this war. I feel you and if anything you have an army of people who will listen, relate, and most importantly that we will lift you up.

I applaud you for how brave it is to stand up. a lot of people look at depression like you are damaged or something, and its not, depression hits the majority of creatives and esoteric thinkers.

IG: @collected.mindspace
IG: @collected.mindspace

Depression grows with #Fear, and the only place fear exist is in our thoughts of the future, creating fear of whats isn’t now and may never be. Being mindful of yourself and your thoughts will help combat fear, be aware and ground yourself in the present moment.

A place that #Depression also thrives is the past; We all tend to look backwards into our life for different reasons, remembering a funny joke, an interesting fun fact, or certain sensations and situations, a lot of times we tend to look back and regret many things like missed opportunities, decision, or words left unsaid.

IG: @collected.mindspace
IG: @collected.mindspace

While we are busy stuck looking in the past the present is creating new opportunities to take advantage of. The past isn't meant for us to look at and wallow in or despair on actions we could of taken, but for us to recognize those similar opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis and hopefully make the decisions that would lead us to where we truly want to be.

Regretting the past is impossible without regretting the present. In the complexity that is life, every decision molds a person and creates the reality you are in now. It is all connected, a cosmic domino effect. Thus, It is not only useless Regretting the past, but it also undermines the present. In turn it doesn't absolve you from learning and trying to make the best decisions possible for a satisfactory future reality.

IG: @collected.mindspace
IG: @collected.mindspace

In conclusion; I encourage a routine of Thankfulness, for both the good and bad. Taking life in stride. When you feel that sour feeling in your stomach and throat of depression, give thanks for all In Life, acknowledging the Good AND the Bad... because light needs dark to be and Vice Versa.

•I’m thankful for being alive while some of my friends and family are not•

•I’m thankful that no matter the pain...the heartache...and everything that life throws at me. ALL will help me grow •

•I’m thankful that for all the potential I had to become a destructive force in society i am not•

•I’m thankful for those who came and went from my life to mold me in ways i am still discovering•

•I’m thankful for those who chose to stay in my life in-spite of me and my chaotic world•

•I’m thankful for the hunger i have within to be better no matter If i stumble•

•I’m thankful for all i have been through good or bad•

•I’m thankful I’m not the only person who feels the ways i do... but wish they did not•

•I’m thankful that there is healing•

•I’m thankful for the day I will shed all the things weighing me down•

•I’m thankful for the day I breathe without drowning•

•I’m thankful that i am a hopeless believer in Love and happiness

IG: @collected.minspace
IG: @collected.minspace

~Collected MindSpace~

Depression: A War in the Past, Present, and Future
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Most Helpful Girl

  • MelaniXenon
    I wonder, is there always a reason why people are depressed?
    I used to be so sensitive about my past and present, mostly because I thought my behavior was not good enough. But as I grew up, I learned that YOU are the one to determine how precious are you, not others.
    Now, somehow, Its more the present and the future that scares the most. I have a lot of desicions to make and I want to do what I want, but it's complicated. And people keep giving me hope and taking it from me again. I hope I get what I want one day, and to be honest, the only reason I'm even alive now is that hope that one day I'll reach that one thing I want.

    Thank you for taking your time and writing all these stuff here. I really apperciate it and I'll make sure to try it. I hope you have a nice day.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Huzair
    You sure have a great mind and knowledge. Thanks for sharing.
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  • katjana21
    Great post!
    I've always said it!
    Fear is our greatest enemy! Love our greatest ally!
    • MotoMoto

      Fear can help keep us safe sometimes but for the most part yeah. We should love each other and be nice because life is too short for hate.

  • nerms123
    I’m too depressed to read something this long
  • PeacefulRainDrop
    Thank you for this!
  • itstheimpossiblekid
    Shout out to you too bb