All of a sudden, he's distant.

I've known this guy I have a huge crush on for four years. He and I have always gotten along well. so well in fact, that it seems like he has feelings for me too.

Back when we first met, he had asked a close friend of mine questions like 'am I single' or 'am I interested in anyone?' Two years later, my friend later told me about this. That's when I took notice of how he acted differently around me: he would always act jokingly with his friends, but around me, he would become more polite and a little awkward. he would often hug me multiple times, even when we only talked for two minutes. whenever we talked within a group of friends, he would keep most of his eye contact on me. I consulted my friend about it, and she said that she could see that there was something between us.

A little over a month ago, I asked him if he would like to go to a school dance with me. This was my first time asking him to a formal event. Unfortunately, he couldn't go because he had plans. Despite that, we seemed to be growing stronger feelings for each other: whenever we talked, he would sometimes randomly grab my hand, let go, then grab it again. he would lean in closer to me. and he even sent me a random message on Facebook making sure I was still going to the dance. Then, five minutes before the dance started, he called me and told me his plans had been canceled and that, if I was still going, he would go to the dance with me. We went and had a great time together. I noted how I had never seen a guy, not even an old boyfriend, go through so much just to make sure I was okay. I felt for sure we would become a couple.

Then, the week after the dance, he suddenly became distant. Now, whenever we talk, it's always short conversations, and he always seems clammed-up and uneasy. I notice him staring at me from the corner of my eye, but when I turn to look at him, he looks away. I confronted him, asking if I had done anything wrong or if I had upset/angered him at all. He said I had done nothing wrong, smiled and grabbed my hand. Slowly, we've been talking again more and more, but I still don't understand. What does this mean? Has he suddenly grown shy and awkward around me, or does he not like me at all? What should I do?
All of a sudden, he's distant.
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