Are 90% of Indian guys secretly gay?

I'd say I can be an authority on the general Indian personality at this point. I have a lot of Indian friends on Facebook.. both male and female. I see what they post and pay very close attention to the things they say.

I'm convinced that there's a LOT of repressed homosexuality up in there.

There's a very strong reoccurring theme/attitude of "Screw women.. it's all about the HOMIES."

Mind you, every now and then, that "no girls allowed" mentality doesn't raise any eyebrows. But we're talking, like, every other fucking sentence. It genuinely seems to me that they would rather have one of their "niqqa's" cocks in their mouth and another in their ass at the same time than laugh at something funny a woman says for fear of acknowledging that they actually like women. 😂
Are 90% of Indian guys secretly gay?
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