Do you dislike Chinese people?

I mean be honest. This question is based in regards that for the entire world China is the responsible for many bad things going on in this world , not only for the virus thing, but for other things China does that harm or not harm the world. Like Chinese products are cheap, and of bad quality, China are interfering with US government or is it the other way? Among many other things that we always blame the Chinese people for bad things.

I mean there are good and bad people in this world despite theri nationalities or how much we hate a certain person from a certain nationality just becuse they come from a certain country that has a bad fame, reputation or popularity for something or simply we simply dont like. Like there are good and bad northamerican, there could be bad and good Chinese people. We can sterotype or generalize every Chines in the world are all bad dishonest people and be racisists.

I have an aunt who lives in the USA who supports Trump 100% but she had become a bit of a racisit for many years now is not something recent. For her most hispanics are lazy people, who are not hard working people and wants everything for free he does not liek much black people either cause they are lazy, dirty and bad workers. and she believes Chinese people are not well known people for their honesty and that Chinese people do not respect the human life. My aunt is married to a German guy and they are both very nationalists.

I have another aunt who does not live in the USA but in the country I live and think the same about Chinese people in particular.

I mean in all races there are good and bad people but unfortunately for those peple who do a bad deed the rest of their own people end up having a bad reputation and fame.
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Imagine taht my aunt says that Chines do not respect human life. This and the many things that come from China are cheap and bad and that Chinese people must not like much health laws. Bcaue my aunts say the way Chinese comercialize shirmp and other sea species are very bad and in bad conditions and they way Chinese reproduce shrimp and places in very bad conditions and inhumane.
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My aung just said. That Chinese or any other country by a communist regimen. It is hard to accept. Ordinary people is not the problem, it is the system that teaches those ordinary people to do bad things and force them to do so. It is something natural of the human being to dislike people even if it is not correct that is why it is so important to have God in our lives, he does nto ahve preferences. We have to follow what HE says and that some people do not like to accept. My aunt said that.
Do you dislike Chinese people?
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