Do you really believe that Women's Day has to be celebrated in a big way?

Do you really believe that Womens Day has to be celebrated in a big way?
I mean why this day it has to be celebrated in BIG everywhere to support womens rights. Dont we have rights already? Why noone celebrate Men Day in November in BIG like Womens day?
What does that say then about honor women but not men?
Do men then are meanignless individuals? Just saying

I found this meme that a friend of mine posted on her social media account about tomorrow Women Day and I disagree on it. The meme says:

Three male chauvinist attitudes to avoid this Women Day", - To congratulate women on their day "just because they are the most beautiful beings" .
Women Day you remember , you do not celebrate it. It is about one day to keep us aware of the violence situations and injustice women face everyday"

Todays many social media sites are posting phrases, memes of Women messages and how women have to fight for our rights and duties, empowerement, power (the new century term LOL!!!) and fight for equity like men. Even on TV there are specials dedicated to women today,

Where I live in my country in this particular day , some feminists are going to take advantage of the day and have some little street parades, asking to legalize the abortion in my country and also the parade is to claim equity, rights in general, etc

I m aware that just being a woman things change and we have to struggle more for things that it comes easier if you are a man, right? But does it have to be that way?
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Men`s Day is November 19th. But Did you all know there was a day for men too? I doubt it cause that day is like it does not exist for society. People do not focus on Men day, Women day is more important than Men day it seems., There are no parades or celebrations on Men day, it totally goes unnoticed for most of society.
Do you really believe that Women's Day has to be celebrated in a big way?
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