Here are 5 Andrew Tate quotes: tell me your thoughts on them? Do you agree or disagree?

We all know Andrew Tate as a misogynistic asshole but dare I say, some of his points may actually be valid. Others not so much. Here are my verdicts on his statements! I'd like to hear yours!

  • 1. "Who wouldn't want a virgin? "If you knew the things I do to girls and how their boyfriends 'love' them afterwards, you’d laugh"
  • "The reason 18 and 19-year-olds are more attractive than 25-year-olds is because they've been through less dick."

(1) My verdict: One of the reasons why he deserved to be banned.

  • 2. (On vegans/ vegantarism) “Why am I supposed to feel guilty for destroying an animal so that I can grow when every single thing that’s ever existed ever has destroyed something else to grow. What, I’m going to come along and be Mr. Nice Guy and I’m gonna undo the laws of the universe. You think because you sit there and eat tofu that you’re somehow changing the basic universal constants of the reality we exist within. You’re not changing sh*t.”

(2) My verdict: I agree. That's the circle of life!

  • 3. “If we talk about tradition Traditionally, every single man in history had multiple wives, and there was not a single woman who was celebrated for having multiple husbands. Female promiscuity has always been disgusting and frowned upon.”

(3) Verdict: I disagree. Times are changing and so should his ideals.

  • 4. “Women do certain things and men do certain things. And we live in a world now where the whole idea of the roles has been conflated to the fact where if I come along and say women are better with children and men are better at fighting, that I’m somehow f*cking sexist when it’s clearly true.”

(4) Verdict: I partly agree.

  • 5. “Uh, real men cry and women can cry and men can cry, too, there’s nothing wrong with it.’ Life as a man is far more difficult than life as a woman.”

(5) My verdict: I agree. It's not healthy for men to repress natural emotions especially when there is a lot more pressure put on them to be providers than let's say women.

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Here are 5 Andrew Tate quotes: tell me your thoughts on them? Do you agree or disagree?
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