Is married coworker flirting with intentions?

Ok, I'm aware of all the moral issues associated with having an affair...

But I'm just my married coworker serious when he flirts with me? At first I thought he was just humoring me because he knew I had a little crush on him--a mutual ego boost so to speak. But lately, he's become not only sexually suggestive in his flirting, but he's touching me and giving me looks like he's deeply in love. I know he has the ability to make himself appealing to women, which is why I'm suspicious of his sincerity. I've known him for six months. Of course, I would not have an affair with a married man, but I would like to know whether he's only amusing himself and making the time pass more quickly at work or whether he expects our flirting to turn into something more.

I haven't had much experience with men which is why I'm not sure if hints and innuendos and overt touching are par for the course. Would a guy do those things if he didn't intend to have sex at some point? There's a huge age difference between us and he honestly does not seem like the kind of man to cheat on his wife. I'm kind of regarded as "the kid" at work because I'm the youngest of my coworkers. I know I'm making him sound like a creeper, but he isn't--he's naturally very friendly, flirtatious, and kind to everyone. Lately he's been making wild suggestions about taking me to fancy restaurants or on trips, though, which is what sparked my curiosity as to his intentions. Oh, one other point: he has tried to cover up from me that he is married. He makes himself out to be a single guy, and I had known him maybe an entire month before I found out indirectly that he has a wife.

Thanks for your help. This is totally controlling my thoughts right now, because I definitely have feelings for this man

Is married coworker flirting with intentions?
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