When a girl changes her FB profile photo to indicate ...

that she has a boyfriend; why is that?

There's a girl in my college that was giving me signals all last semester, and in my college we can check out the names of those that are in our courses, and I did with her and then checked upon her FB profile - and mind you, I was checking upon that for quite a while before striking up a conversation.

Her FB profile is very much locked down, and thus no indicator of any relationship and no photos of anyone that could be her boyfriend.

And yes, we were in the same class, but sat far from each other and never talked to another-it was only until almost the end of the semester that I initiated a conversation and I kept it short and only about schoolwork.

And I never mentioned I was irregularly checking upon her on FB (and she's never gotten a friend invite from me, and we have no friends in common, neither in real life nor on FB).

But the very next day, a Saturday (and thus no college) she changed her FB photo that had a guy holding his arms around her, clearing someone special.

And no, I'm not in love with her. I'm just curious about this behavior from girls (I'm pretty sure no guy would ever do this)

...and I haven't initiated conversation with her on this new semester; I see her still sending me signals but if she's not going to come talk to me and initate conversation (exteremely few girls do) again then so be it - I don't dabble with taken girls, and besides, I'm very introvert and thus coming out of my shell was a pretty big step
When a girl changes her FB profile photo to indicate ...
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