I was taken advantage of, and my boyfriend is mad at me.

Okay so basically when I was at home this weekend (2 states away), an employee of my family was staying at our house. I'd never met him. He is my age. He, my twin brother, and I all got really drunk - black out drunk - and I don't remember anything.

All I know is that I woke up the next day, and I was sore down there. I don't remember anything past drinking with the two of them. I know I wasn't drugged because my brother was with us until we each went to our respective rooms and went to bed.

My instincts tell me I had sex with him, I know it wouldn't have been consensual because I love my boyfriend and I'd never ever do that. I KNOW I wouldn't.

I told my boyfriend about it and he is so upset. He thinks I seem way too calm and not traumatized by it, but that's because I don't remember it - so it's not really traumatic in that sense.

I had sex with him before I told him (it took me a few days to tell him) and he's really mad that I didn't tell him before we had sex. I talked to a dr who gave me preventative meds just in case I DID have sex and he had anything, so I knew 100% when I had sex with my boyfriend that I couldn't pass him anything. But he is still really really mad and doesn't understand how I didn't tell him sooner.

It's just something that was so hard to tell him and I don't think he understands how confused I am and that I'm still figuring out what happened myself - I don't even know for sure if we slept together, I just know that I feel taken advantage of.

Does my boyfriend have a right to be mad at me, or should he be more supportive? Should I have told him right away, or waited until I was ready like I did? PLEASE HELP it's so complicated and I don't know what to think
I was taken advantage of, and my boyfriend is mad at me.
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