Why is my EX curious about me?

So me and my ex have been broken up for 5 months now. She ignores me. Even though she knows I still love her.

More than a month ago she mysteriously? Sent me the first gift I ever gave her back, with no message included.

Two weeks ago I 'noticed' her becoming curious about me.

She told a friend of mine who spoke to her about something (unrelated to me) "it's a shame he has been telling untruths about me".

She visited my linkeldin site and unblocked my brother on Facebook, who she had blocked for no reason. My FB is deactivated.

She seems to want to know what I'm doing I think.

So a week ago I reactivated Facebook, that conversation is posted in another question of mine.

She seemed bitter, but somewhat interested in what I'm up to. Yet blocked me at the end of it (my fault, I made her angry). And to this day she has not unblocked me.

So why do you think she is curious about me, yet blocks me again now?

Does she block me because she doesn't want me to think she's interested in me? Or because she is still angry at me.

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In other words, she seems curious (doesn't want to admit it). Yet acts like a total b1tch, possibly because she is very bitter towards me and wants to punish me? Or because she wants nothing

to do with me.
Why is my EX curious about me?
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