Instagram Promotions: Is It Worth A Try?

Hey guys and gals, I have a car page with 450-500 followers and my posts each typically get 10-20 likes. Most posts I create consist of pictures I don't own (mainly for comparison purposes, such as Car A v. Car B, or a meme), but there are a select few pictures of which I actually own complete rights to.

Also, @moderators if it's allowed I will include my Instagram profile URL in my "update"

If I decide to promote one of my posts, most specifically the Bentley Bentayga post (a picture I actually own rights to since I spotted the car myself), its estimated reach is said to range from 2700 to 7100 people (based on a $15/15 day promotion), or a boring-ish 2200 to 5700 people (based on a $20/5 day promotion). Personally, I would rather go with the former.

Tomorrow I earn my monetary award from my job coach, so I should be getting between $15 and $45. I will add whatever money I get tomorrow ALONG WITH the $20 I got from selling my sunglasses [I only manage to sell three times a year... exclusively on OfferUp].

Do you think Instagram promotions are worth a try?
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Instagram Promotions: Is It Worth A Try?
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