Are you secretly rooting for Brian Laundrie?

TRAVELING NORTH? Brian Laundrie ‘sighting’ reported by flight attendant who is convinced she spotted Gabby Petito’s fiancé in Canada

In a video posted to TikTok on Wednesday, user @cwlynn said she was staying overnight at a hotel in Toronto on September 20 when she went downstairs to pick up a food delivery.

As she stepped outside to meet her courier, she says she spotted a man who closely resembled Brian Laundrie, who has not been seen since leaving his home in Florida on September 14.

The flight attendant described the man as appearing "flustered" as he walked out of the hotel.

He then allegedly got back into his car and drove away with another man.

She didn't confront the man but she did snap a picture of him from a distance.

The image shows a balding while male with prominent facial hair and a facemask strapped around his chin. The individual picture also appears to be similar in build to Laundrie.

The woman said she also informed the hotel about the man's suspicious activity and likeness to Laundrie.

Staff reportedly told her: "He didn't know where he was going and he had the wrong hotel."

I admit it. I am. I think he is innocent. He didn't murder Gabby Petito.
Yes I am. I do believe he killed Gabby but I don't fault him. I hope he is able to avoid capture.
No. He killed Gabby and he must be found so we can put him in jail.
I think he is dead. He's probably in the tummy of a Florida alligator.
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Are you secretly rooting for Brian Laundrie?
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