Guys, How to send your scent?

So I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend.
He and I have never met in person but we've skyped and spoken on the phone many times.
I'm sending him a bunch of stuff but was wondering how I could send him what I smell like (mainly since i'm super scent sensitive and like to have scents associated with memories) I wanted to send him something that would smell like me.
Should I send a t-shirt or a stuffed animal or what?


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  • ahaha... ahahahaha... jesus, just.. ah. that, and this, is just.. great.

    Um, laughs aside, assuming you do laundry at least thrice a week, whatever detergent you use might do.

    • ... i do it once a week... my entire campus does but people have a natural scent. My roommate's clothes and my clothes smell different even though we do our laundry together

    • Well, as far as natural scent goes.. getting a good whiff of another person's scent can be great or terrible. Scent attraction is generally caused by having a system opposite, usually immune system n the like. If he's similar to you your senses show so to reduce the desire to mate. In short, he could love it or hate it. A gamble :P

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  • Shirt, worn after a shower (your shampoo will scent it). If you decide to perfume it, make sure you perfume *yourself*, and let it touch your skin. The perfume isn't the key, its the mixture of the perfume with your scent that you want him to know.

  • Wear a shirt to bed for a week give it a light squirt of perfume or whatever every night at the end of the week throw it in a good ziploc mail it. I'd say a Hoodie since they typically don't get washed as often and hold smell better but that would cost more to ship

  • I use a mechanical fan.


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