Taurus Men....I Just Don't Get It and Would Like To.

You know what? I said to myself I would never deal with a Taurus man again. Why? In the pass that's all I wanted was a Taurus man. If you weren't Taurus ...keep it moving. Now, after dating several Taurus men and being treated so poorly, I hurt so badly. I'm a good woman...no a GREAT woman. I'm a Capricorn and would do so much for Taurus. We couldn't make it because I'm very ambitious and they are SO LAZY. I also couldn't make it with them because they needed way too much tending to. I work a full time job, cook, clean, iron, sew, back that thing up like it's hot and I mean hot, because Taurus men are very sensual men...a lady in the living room, a whore in the bedroom...he NEVER left my bed unsatisfied and yet and still they have no INTEGRITY. What does it take to keep a Taurus man faithful? I don't have a clue.


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  • You honestly base your life around a pseudoscience?

    • What are you an idiot? That is not an answer to my question Moron. If you can't answer a person's questions than just keep your stupidity to yourself. This is a respected site for THINKING people.

    • Then perhaps you should start thinking


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  • It depends on the individual and their upbringing and overall intelligence. Speaking as a professional and a Taurus Man, I can say I have rarely had a problem doing housework or cooking. I also have never had a problem with faithfulness. Don't give up.


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  • I dated or dating a Taurus guy i am a Pisces. they are so unpredictable. supposedly Taurus and Pisces are a match, this guy has a problem a disappears, doesn't text me for days and then comes back like nothing ever happened. I am so done with him He is old (32) i am (26) he should know what he wants already. he never wants to show what he feels for me only when he is drunk he tells me how much he misses me and this but i can't be with a man like that!

  • I'm not into that whole, oh I don't know what you call it. The guy I'm dating is a Taurus, what you described as a Taurus didn't fit my guy at all. It kind of sounds like you're going after the wrong guys. Try opening up your options.

    • Give it time sweet pea. When he's done with you, you'll be in Bellevue.

    • Wth is Bellevue?
      Also, I'm currently having a minor fling with a married taurus male. He had an affair just before marrying his wife several years ago and is now engaging in one with me. I can tell he's torn about it, but I think he married more for the image and appearance vs the overall big picture of the commitment. He is a workaholic and prefers to be there and enjoy the idea of his wife and family vs actually being WITH his wife and family. He's an excellent lover, dedicated, strong and driven...but he isn't faithful.