Taurus man.... confused if he likes me?

I've been seeing a Taurus man for a few weeks now, but it seems that I always have to suggest dates or when to get together since the last date. We hang out around the house quite a bit, have great conversations, and I think we have a good time together. I'm just not sure how to tell if he is genuinely interested or if he's just bored and I'm filling his time...


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  • Earth signs are confusing in general.

    • I'm a capricorn; he's a taurus... so yes I can atest to that statement- we can be confusing.

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  • Why does his star sign matter?

    "We hang out around the house" You're living with him?

    If you're having great conversations why would you think he's just talking to you to kill time? There are many other timekillers out there he could be doing instead. He probably does want to talk to you if he has these great conversations with you.

    If you guys see each other but just don't go out much (that's what I get from "we hang out around the house quite a bit"), maybe he doesn't feel the need to go on dates because he can see you anyway without having to go out.

    • No, not living with him. But he always wants me to come to his house; he doesn't ever offer or suggest coming to mine. Thus, he's never been to my house.

      We have gone out 3 times, otherwise we've just hung out and talked on his porch. We have spent the night together and... But I'm worried that it's only that and someone to fill a void. How can you tell if a guy is seeking a relationship and not just something convenient?

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    • As for how, I dunno. Like, in the middle of a fun, laughter-filled convo...

      You (Y): *pokes him* (smiling) so hey I was wondering, where do you think this is going? Like, us hanging out like this? I don't wanna get the wrong idea.

      Him (H): Well, where do you think it's going?

      Y: Uh-uh! I'm not telling you until you tell me *laughs*

      H: Haha okay, well... ______ (tells you where he thinks it's going)

      If he says he really likes you or something like that, great. Be honest with your...

    • ... feelings. If he seems to try and change the subject or something or be uncomfortable and seems to be saying he doesn't want anything serious, and that's not what you want, then just be like "oh okay, me too" and continue with the evening but just probably try to gradually hang out with him less and move on as soon as possible. If he's not looking for commitment there's nothing you can do but move on to other guys. And if you're able to be friends only with this guy, stay friends. :)

  • No wonder it works... I'm looking for a cappi woman too and I'm a taurus guy. Everyone says the one of the best relationships ever. Since you connect very well!

    See taurus and cappi both are homebodies.. they like spending time together and in their comfort of their home! If he is inviting you over, than he likes you for sure!

    Look at his actions since us taurus guys don't say much, but we speak with actions. Like if a like a girl, I will take her on a romantic date, buy her things she's wanted since forever, be around her a lot, talk to her a lot. It's by the actions that shows if he likes you. And since your a cappi woman you are also the type to show love through actions, so you should be able to recognize these things easily...


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