Does he like me or am I being delusional?

There’s a new guy at my job, and I knew from the second I introduced myself to him that we were attracted to each other. The thing is, he has a girlfriend. He’s told other female coworkers but not me. I know you can still be attracted to others while in a relationship, but the way he interacts with me makes me question a lot. Also, to be clear, no I’m not planning on pursuing a taken man.

1. He constantly stares and positions himself to face me.

2. He asks coworkers information about me that has nothing to do with work.

3. When he initiates conversation, his eyebrows will raise and eyes will widen.

4. He goes completely out of his way to ask me questions when he could ask anyone else (I. e. There were coworkers standing next to him, but he came to me to ask where something was when I was on the opposite end of the room).

5. If we’re in a group, he always looks to me when we’re laughing.

6. He asks me for one-on-one help when he clearly doesn’t need it.

7. He leans in super close whenever I’m talking.

8. Our conversations would get extremely flirty (this was before I figured out about his girlfriend).

Overall, I can’t tell if I’m being delusional and he’s only trying to build a friendship OR he’s secretly into me. Also, I’m pretty sure he knows I’m crushing even though I’m doing my best to suppress it (a lot of nervous energy).

Does he like me or am I being delusional?
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