What does "kind of dating" mean?

I've recently started chatting again with this guy I briefly dated last winter and have known for a long time (we didn't date before because I lived in a different state). I am really into him, and I know he likes me, although I don't know if he likes me likes me. The problem is, he is still seeing his on again/off again girlfriend (this is also why we stopped dating before). Every time I call her his girlfriend, he corrects me by saying that she's not really his girlfriend- they are just kinda dating. What does that even mean? I mean, he must be holding onto her for a reason, but he doesn't seem to like her that much. He told me that they will be breaking up for good sometime soon. Also, it's important to mention that because of this kinda girlfriend I have turned down invitations to see him (and, by extension, I won't be intimate with him, even tho we've done that before), yet he still wants to talk to me. & I never even hinted at an ultimatum because I think those are wrong in relationships. So I'm not playing the role of mistress or anything like that. I just want to know if kinda dating in this case means that relationship is nearly over or if I'm being delusional. Also, I should mention that I have no reason to believe that he ever lied to me or tried to use me. In fact, our convos have become much deeper and more intense lately. I guess the mixed signals are confusing me. Guys, if you are kinda dating an on again/off again ex, does that mean the relationship is dying or that you still have feelings for her? And if it's the feelings, why would you have a relationship like the one this guy has with me, knowing that you won't even get any because of the kinda relationship?


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  • it means the relationship MIGHT be dying but still have very STRONG feelings.

    to you second question, bearing in mind he is having sex with his GF,

    Sex is important, but offer of new p**** is not enough to jeopadise the sex we are having.. Having said that, new p**** is not enough to jeopadise the sex we are currently having, its good, but not enough.

    Best advice don't be involved in the love triangle because most likely you'll lose...

    Girls line up guys, but guys end relationships FIRST, then move on to the next...

    Guys RARELY move from one relationship onto the next.

    • I'm not new p**** since we've had sex before, but we are not having sex now, nor am I offering it. I've made that VERY CLEAR. Otherwise, you're prob. right. I don't have a shot. :(

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