What is considered Curvy, Skinny, and fat? And what would you prefer?

What makes you consider someone curvy, skinny, or fat? Also when does curvy just turn into being fat or chubby? And what do you prefer someone that is curvy and thick (not fat but thick) big boobs, thin waist, wide hips, or someone that is skinny or athletic, maybe even a little bit petite, small- medium boobs thin all around, or do you like someone is on the chubby/ fat side?
( I know personality can over come someones appearance but if you where to first judge by someones appearance, what do you prefer?)


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  • Well first off, I imagine thick and curvy to mean the same thing, like this:

    Skinny: cdn.rsvlts.com/.../Summer-girls-03.jpg

    Fat: 37.media.tumblr.com/.../...odUeR1qg06eso5_1280.jpg

    I find thick builds to be the hottest, but I'm into everything honestly

  • When someone says thin- What society thinks: the perfect girl! What i think: a girl who is too skinny and bony. When someone says fat- What society thinks: anyone above 130 lbs. What i think: any girl that is bigger than myself. When someone says curvy- What society thinks: an extreme rarity, and not worth it because anyone can pull off "thin". What most men think: a girl who is completely perfect but doesn't get enough credit. What i think: a girl who isn't fat, but is too thick to be desirable. In conclusion i think the best kind of girl is a girl who is only SLIGHTLY thinner than average, but still has a butt and boobs that are proportioned well with the rest of her body.

  • I don't have the time to provide examples of curvy, skinny and fat,
    but considering that many people's definition of curvy is too big for me,
    I'll just say that I prefer skinny.

  • As a boob-man, I gotta go Thick and Curvy.


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