My boyfriend wants to hear me sing?

I swear i am the worlds worst singer but my boyfriend keeps asking me to sing and i keep saying no but he's getting annoyed but i don't wanna embarrass my self so what should i do cause i have to send him a video of me tonight and I'm like dreading this help


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  • Just go with the flow and have fun with it. I am sure he is not expecting you to sing lovely because I am sure you already explained to him that you're the worst worlds singer. I know you aren't because my Filipino family are the worst singers in the world. That's why we all sing horribly together on Karaoke because we get a laugh out of it! But If you really dread sending him a video, you don't have to do it :P I think it would be worse sending a video. I would rather do the real deal because he can't record it or anything, only his mind!


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  • Maybe he's heard you sing before and you were good. I heard my female friend sing to herstlf and she was really freaking good and I told her and she said she wasn't.

  • I'd personally just tell him I'm not doing it

    • he keeps asking me and when i say no he gets annoyed

  • So dub yourself. Yay, Technology!

    • i don't know how to do uk any good like apps or websites to do that then?

    • Oh, gosh, there's plenty. But the UK? No idea.

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  • You don't have to be good and you don't have to actually try to sing, just like talk sing.. it doesn't sound bad. Like call him on the phone instead and play some music along and sing along with it. That's actually really cute he wants to hear you sing. I wanted to hear my boyfriend sing and he really didn't want to because he thinks he sounds bad but he tried and it was so cute!