Guys, If a guy touches your lower back?

What does it mean if a guy rubs a girls back and goes very low while complimenting her? I was sitting on bleachers with a fake baby project and a man who I am good friends with, who's slightly older, reached to me rubbing my back and went very low, saying, "Youre going to make a great mother someday." But the rub felt sensual and very lingering.


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  • I know you sound like you were turned on by that but my creeper vibe went off the charts reading that about him. Honestly I wouldn't do that unless I was in a relationship with a girl. The only time I'd rub a girls back is if she was having a really crappy day and I was comforting her and I'd still keep my hand on her upper back.

    • His game clearly works, let him have this one. Bitch feels chemisty.

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    • So is he trying to turn me on by doing this?

    • Probably.

  • It means he read an article online that told him it was an 'erogenous zone'.

    He tryna get the puss, bro.

    • He is quite older than me, and we have really great chemistry. I feel a lot of sexual attraction/tension & he compliments me a lot and we connect very well. Is he trying to attract me?

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    • Do you think he oculd have had that in the back of his mind? what i would taste like?

    • I doubt it, to be honest.

  • You like him right?

    • Yes, but it's very complicated. He is a married man and older. But his wife loves me and she has me stay over at their house once a month. Me and him spend much alone time together. So I am wondering if he wants something more than friendship.

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    • I mean, i think this guy has an incredibile liking for me. I almost wonder if he's in love. He remembers EVERY word i say, remembers details, loves spending time with me and loves talking with me. When im at his house we do dishes together and like smile and laugh the whole time. It's sexual attraction but also very very emotional.

    • Ummm 😐
      Nah I don't think so :P
      He might be faking it like most guys do when they're married and wanted to get in a girl's pants 😶