This guy is only giving me restricted access to his Facebook?

I met this guy online and we plan to meet tomorrow. Not strictly a date, but just to talk casually and get to know each other. We've been talking on Facebook, and when he approved I saw the photos where he's tagged in, also his vacation photos. I mentioned that the photos are nice. This was Sunday. We talked on Monday, but only a bit because I had to get up early on Tuesday. Tuesday we didn't talk. And today I've found out that I couldn't see those photos anymore, all I could see was his profile the way it looked to me when he hadn't accepted my friend request yet.

Why did he restrict my access, especially when he knows I've seen those photos? I think it's rude.. If he wanted to restrict me, he should've done that when he accepted my friend request. Is he not interested in meeting me anymore?

He was the one who messaged me first on the dating site, he was the one who suggested we meet. All I did was add him on FB. What should I think of this? Should I message him tonight or just wait for him, thinking if he still wants to meet (and is excited about it), he would message me first to confirm?

Thank you for your suggestions guys..

Before you posted your answers, I already messaged him and asked whether I said something wrong or am I not his type after all. He then replied that he had been busy preparing for his vacation this Saturday and that I am his type. He said we could meet after he comes back, which was 2 weeks from now.

I don't think I'll still be interested by then and by his attitude. Should I confront him about the restriction and what his deal is, or just unfriend him?


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  • If someone changes my access or de-friends me on Facebook but still acts like we're good friends in real life then I get my kicks out of it by straight out asking them why they did that. It's only happened to me once but straight away I sent him a message to find out why he de-friended me. Turns out he'd taken a joke seriously...just some misunderstanding but the process of clarification put him in his place. So just ask him why? If he gets mad then you save yourself the time and energy you would have wasted on him.


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  • It means that something is shady and he wants to keep it from you. Don't message him anymore, and just find another guy.


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  • NO!... you need to back off. Remember this is a dating/romantic situation not a typical friendship interaction. Let him be right now if you like him. If you don't care much for him keep on pestering him. You've already given him the upper hand by squirming and asking him if you are his "type." Honey, you need to ask yourself IF HE IS YOUR TYPE... . Tell yourself 'he is the one who will be lucky to even meet with me'. Have confidence.

    : )

    • He messaged me about 2 months later and said sorry, he was on a holiday. And he asked whether I'm still interested in meeting him. I called him on his act, how he blocked everything, and how he just didn't reply anymore, and then I unfriended him and blocked his ass

  • Don't unfriend him, I think that makes a statement, just be casual and leave him for now and somewhere along the line take him off the list if you guys never talk after he comes back. And good for you for moving on. Unfortunately, in this business of first meetings all the first minutes and hours count and it looks like he failed.

    • And why would I not want to make a statement? He already made his by restricting my access to his profile..

    • A little dramatic, no? I mean, personally, I think it's kind of childish that he restricted his profile ...

  • Look, if your instinct says something is off, something is off. I wouldn't waste any time on this guy. If he wants to continue socializing, he'll come forward and explain or make an excuse, otherwise, move on. Awkward situation :(