Do guys like bralettes?

I have a new boyfriend and decided to go underwear shopping to just get a few new pieces to make me feel extra sexy. I was wondering though, guys, do you like girls in matching sets, lacy, or what? I am also not a fan of heavily padded bras, so uncomfortable and just dont look natural, do guys find lacy bralettes (unpadded lacy bras) sexy?? I also am extremely petite, Im 21 but only 5'1 and I used to always think I needed push up bras and padded bras for being so petite, but i'm just not feeling it?! Thoughts please!


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  • Wear whatever makes you feel sexy!

    Personally a girl wearing lacy black underwear gets me going! But if i'm with a girl and she is wearing just normal underwear then nothing changes... Hell i'm looking at a girl in just her underwear :D

    Dont go thinking because you are petite that you need to wear push up bras! If you are happy with your body then wear what you want to wear!

    Maybe speak to your boyfriend and see what he would like to see you wearing?


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  • I personally like whatever makes my gf feeling COMFORTABLE!

  • i'm neutral bout them basically...


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