Do girls get a kick out of showing off their legs?

Do girls just think of skirts and dresses as "something nice to wear"? Or do they enjoy the look/feel of having their legs exposed and on display, having to be careful how they sit/move etc.? Maybe you get so used to it you don't think about it, but I'm interested to know, is it exciting, or just normal?


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  • Sometimes I wear a dress or skirt as something nice. Sometimes I like how my legs look that day, so I'll wear one just for that purpose, it's nice having a breeze around them! I wear them at a proper length a bit above the knees, so I can comfortably sit down and such. It's exciting for me, but I hated dresses/skirts when I was little so I only just started wearing them, some girls who wear them often are probably used to them. Girls who wear those really tiny skanky dresses/skirts aren't showing off their legs, they're looking to get looked at by guys.

    I just like how the material feels. I worry though, that I might have a wardrobe malfunction, so I don't wear them too often.

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  • I love when guys stare at my legs :)

  • Just normal because I have been wearing them since I was a child, way before I would have ever thought about feeling sexy. I wear dresses and skirts now because they are in style and/or feminine. Personally I prefer to wear pants in the winter because they keep me warmer but really, dresses are so in style now, especially when you go out, that I have had to get used to wearing them more.

  • I guess that I can be "guilty as charged",sometimes.Personally,I've always felt that my legs were one of my better features,and I have always felt right at home in skirts,dresses and heels,so that's what I tend to go with,besides I think that they are more comfortable to wear.

    As for getting guys attention,yup!When I'm in the mood to shake my tail-feathers,then it's definitely a hot skirt or sexy dress,some knock-out heels,and maybe even some really sexy hosiery,works every time!

  • Personally, I just find my legs to be my best feature, so I like to show them off on occasion. But as Marie said, a skirt or dress is just another thing to wear.

  • i honestly just like wearing dresses. there's nothing wrong with just wearing dresses I think and I'll wear them even if it's cold out so. yeah sometimes we have to be careful how we move in a dress...

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  • It's lovely to see a girl confident showing her legs.

  • they say they do it to compete with other women so to speak. but if you were competing doesn't that mean ur trying to win a guy?

  • i love girls with skirts on especially with big asses and nice legs

  • I read in some article that psychologically, girls are supposed to prefer wearing dresses and skirts over pants. It's "innate" enough much like how guys prefer to pee standing up, while women prefer to do so sitting down.