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Do girls get a kick out of showing off their legs?

Do girls just think of skirts and dresses as "something nice to wear"? Or do they enjoy the look/feel of having their legs exposed and on display,... Show More

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  • Sometimes I wear a dress or skirt as something nice. Sometimes I like how my legs look that day, so I'll wear one just for that purpose, it's nice having a breeze around them! I wear them at a proper length a bit above the knees, so I can comfortably sit down and such. It's exciting for me, but I hated dresses/skirts when I was little so I only just started wearing them, some girls who wear them often are probably used to them. Girls who wear those really tiny skanky dresses/skirts aren't showing off their legs, they're looking to get looked at by guys.

    I just like how the material feels. I worry though, that I might have a wardrobe malfunction, so I don't wear them too often.

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  • I love when guys stare at my legs :)

  • i honestly just like wearing dresses. there's nothing wrong with just wearing dresses I think and I'll wear them even if it's cold out so. yeah sometimes we have to be careful how we move in a dress...

  • Personally, I just find my legs to be my best feature, so I like to show them off on occasion. But as Marie said, a skirt or dress is just another thing to wear.

  • To me it is just normal, just like wearing a t-shirt or tank top, doesn't make a difference to me.

  • Just normal because I have been wearing them since I was a child, way before I would have ever thought about feeling sexy. I wear dresses and skirts now because they are in style and/or feminine. Personally I prefer to wear pants in the winter because they keep me warmer but really, dresses are so in style now, especially when you go out, that I have had to get used to wearing them more.

  • I guess that I can be "guilty as charged",sometimes.Personally,I've always felt that my legs were one of my better features,and I have always felt right at home in skirts,dresses and heels,so that's what I tend to go with,besides I think that they are more comfortable to wear.

    As for getting guys attention,yup!When I'm in the mood to shake my tail-feathers,then it's definitely a hot skirt or sexy dress,some knock-out heels,and maybe even some really sexy hosiery,works every time!

  • When I see something nice and sexy I wear it, I care a lot about the color of the things I buy. But not if they show my legs or my boobes. Because when a girl knows that she's sexy she doesn't need a lot to show to make herslef feel sexy! a sexy girl is sexy with just a Tshirt On.

    And that's a FACT!

  • I don't usually think "Today I'm gonna make all the guys go crazy for me by wearing a skirt/shorts" I just think that it's warm outside so I'm wearing shorts... or I'm going to a dressy occasion, so I'm wearing a skirt/dress.

    Once in a while though, when I'm feeling confident, and I will totally show them off.

    Why do guys wear shirts with sleeves that show their muscles?

    • Because they get an ego boost knowing guys and girls are looking at them and thinking about them. And the pride of showing off their hard work.

    • Same for girls I guess. :)

  • Yeah sure I love showing off my legs in dresses/skirts/shorts. I would say I do get a bit of a kick out of it when I'm complimented or checked out a little. It is something nice to wear too though, I'm a girly dresser.

    • You're talking like a girl that's really hot! :-) They dress and show off like that all the time. lol!

  • Girls wear skirts because it's not something we wear often (in my case) so it makes us feel special..


  • girls wear skirts to look hot and show off what theyve got. They don't feel any different than pants.

  • i love wearing skirt and dresses because they're girly and I feel very pretty when I wear them. not necessarily taking into account the fact that my legs look lovely in them - I wear them mostly because they're in my closet. :)

  • I genuinely prefer wearing skirts or dresses but I get self-conscious because I'm afraid it'll seem like I want the attention! It has nothing to do with guys (although I did wear a shorter skirt and high high heels on a date with the boyfriend once just to drive him nuts)!

    • And did it work? ;)

    • Yeah his jaw dropped! :D

  • For me, I just like the attention and they feel awesome. Sometimes skirts or dresses are really nice to wear if you don't want something surrounding your whole legs. I love the fact that I get the googley eyes from my boyfriend too. Its exciting to know that you turn someone on even if you have no interest in them. and if you have interest in them then it makes it even better because it starts a spark. I'm not really used to skirts or dresses and I really don't know a lot of people that are because they are so different than anything else. Skirts or dresses are not usually worn for "something nice" unless you are going to a wedding or something.

  • A guy once told me that a girl's legs are incredibly sexy. I like my legs a lot, so I show them off when I can. Its a mixture of confidence in your body and just having skirts and shorts in your wardrobe. It really depends on the girl.

  • yes I love showing my legs expecially on hot days then I lay out on my lawn in my bikini

  • Sometimes I like to wear skirts and dresses because they're fun! They're pretty.

    Sometimes though, yes, I do get a kick out of showing my legs. It depends on the day, the occasion, and who's going to be around.

    But it's usually just to look pretty.

    To answer your other question, usually, no, I don't think about it. Skirts and dresses really are just another thing to wear. Especially if a girl is wearing shorts or leggings-- because then she doesn't have to worry as much how she sits or moves.

  • Sometimes, some girls hate it. Me, I'm very careful about how my legs look. And I'm careful about how I sit.

  • Girls like feeling pretty. If we feel pretty in dresses and skirts we're going to wear dresses and skirts. The attention is great too!

  • I love showing off my legs. I'm 5'10'' so I have a lot of leg to show, and do it frequently. I feel so free not wearing pants, too. When the weather permits, I never wear pants, it's skirts and dresses and shorts galore. When I wear such clothes, I feel really hot, and who doesn't love feeling hot?

  • some girls just wear short shorts/skirts because they like them... I wear short skirts/shorts, like reeeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy short skirts/shorts, because I like it when guys stare at my legs or try to look up my skirt (which, really, its not that hard to see up them.) and I usually don't wear underwear with short skirts. Its kind of exciting I guess you would say.

    • Do you wear the really short skirts casually as just everyday clothes, just for going grocery shopping for example? Or do you save them for going out clubbing?

    • I like to wear them out clubbing mainly because it tends to get uncomfortable.... but if short skirts were as comfortable as some sweatpants, I would wear them all the time!!!

  • i know I look very good in skirts and dresses so that's what I wear . and they are very comfortable...i feel more girly wearin them. its definately normal for a girl to wear skirts and dresses ..it can't be showin off.

  • It depends. Over the years, I've really adopted the "less is more" approach. When I was 18-21, I rocked the low-cut clubbing tops, but especially over the past year, I realized that sometimes not showing too much was much more tantalizing. Guys are indeed very visual, but sometimes giving them just a hint is much more torturing than giving them the whole dang show!

    I like to show a bit of leg, but that's what tea-length dresses and 4 inch heels are for. I shouldn't ever fear that men will be able to tell what color undergarments I'm wearing (or that I'm not actually wearing them!) Same for cleavage- I can wear a deep v- neck, but I don't have to sport insane cleavage to my chin. Men can imagine what's behind the shirt.

    Sexy and slutty are completely different things- and I feel most young women these days forget the difference.

  • Girls wear dresses and skirts not to show off their legs (in fact many girls are kinda sensitive about their legs) but simply because they think they look good in them whichll boost their self confidence.

    its actually so annoying tho to be mindful of the way you sit etc..

  • I almost always wear my blue jeans and a tank top. I do own a couple of really hot black minis and several sun-dresses. Being a model I show off my whole body for a living but I guess I don't often think about my legs specifically. Sometimes though I do and it really is just a mood thing. I prefer the sun dress for when I want to show my legs which is odd since they cover more than my minis.

  • I don't always think about it... lol... I mean its not always fun having your legs covered with jeans 24/7 but other times we like show em off. We love compliments lol so sometimes we will fish for them haha oooor just wear a skirt or shorts because our legs looks good that day I donno it depends =]

  • Only if they are tan, if they are pasty then I usually refrain from showing them off. When they are tan I love wearing short skirts/dressed because I KNOW that guys are looking. I am 5'8" and a bit and they are pretty much miles long... it is definitely a confidence booster and when I wear heels... watch out!

  • um the only timme I show off my legs are when I'm super confiedent or trying to wim a guy over. but most of the time it worries me cause I don't want to put out the wrong impression. and I worrie wen creeps are staring me down. I have a stalker so I'm pretty conserveitive on how I dress

  • well, for me I find it exciting when a man sees me walks over and rubs my legs! it shows that they want me so I believe it gives me confidence to show off my nice latina ass and nice long legs!

  • its just normal. we are used to it. its like breathing we don't have to think about it. we just act apon they way we walk, move, sit and stuff.

    and I have nice legs. so I'm gonna show these bad boys off :) haha

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  • It's lovely to see a girl confident showing her legs.

  • I read in some article that psychologically, girls are supposed to prefer wearing dresses and skirts over pants. It's "innate" enough much like how guys prefer to pee standing up, while women prefer to do so sitting down.

  • i love girls with skirts on especially with big asses and nice legs

  • they say they do it to compete with other women so to speak. but if you were competing doesn't that mean ur trying to win a guy?

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