Do girls get a kick out of showing off their legs?

Do girls just think of skirts and dresses as "something nice to wear"? Or do they enjoy the look/feel of having their legs exposed and on display, having to be careful how they sit/move etc.? Maybe you get so used to it you don't think about it, but I'm interested to know, is it exciting, or just normal?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sometimes I wear a dress or skirt as something nice. Sometimes I like how my legs look that day, so I'll wear one just for that purpose, it's nice having a breeze around them! I wear them at a proper length a bit above the knees, so I can comfortably sit down and such. It's exciting for me, but I hated dresses/skirts when I was little so I only just started wearing them, some girls who wear them often are probably used to them. Girls who wear those really tiny skanky dresses/skirts aren't showing off their legs, they're looking to get looked at by guys.

    I just like how the material feels. I worry though, that I might have a wardrobe malfunction, so I don't wear them too often.