Dark tans and bleach blonde hair?

One thing that I find just gross and a total turnoff is white girls with light blonde hair but dark tans, the kind of tans where you can tell in about 5-10 years they're going to be an extremely high skin cancer risk. I think it's gross because it's unhealthy and it just looks so . . fake!

Am I in the minority here?


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  • I don't know about the guys, but I agree with you. I just saw a woman like this a few days ago: she was very pretty, but had very bleached hair (black roots) and a really dark tan. Maybe fake, maybe not, but it was just such a fake look. Too bad because as I say, she was very attractive. Some guys must like it though because I often see those women with wealthy men.

    • What bothers me the most is the health risks concerned with it. When I see a white girl with a dark tan, the only things that come to mind when I see it are skin cancer and the fact that she's going to look like she's 50 when she's in her late 30s. It kinda bugs me to be honest to know that these girls are willingly creating health risks for themselves and destroying their skin just for the sake of trying to look better now.

    • I have never liked to tan - I just don't have the patience. I like to sit outside or on the beach for a bit, but then I get bored and want to be busy. So now I'm 41, and I pretty much everyone I meet assumes I'm in my early 30's. I think the big reason is that I have hardly any lines on my face, which I attribute to no sun. And I have to say that I've noticed a huge difference in how long I can stay out w/o burning in the last 10 years.

    • By "difference", I mean that I burn much faster - the sun is def stronger now.

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  • haha yah, I don't find them very attractive either. I mean, I'm not attracted to people who look fake.

    It is unhealthy, I guess. But it could be those tanning lotions? No? I mean, it is orangy looking.

    Italians seem to like that look though. A lot of italian women are getting the tans, and the blonde hair thing. I guess its a hott look in Italy. Who knows.

    Personally, (and I know a lot of women will hate me but) I think it looks cheap. I'm into the classy beauty. I think they stand out more than any other.

  • i used to have white blonde hair and I remember once I pilled the fake tan on I basically looked like a walking orange with a blonde wig!

    white blonde hair and really dark skin does not go a golden kind of natural tan would be ok with blonde hair but a really dark tan just looks like your trying to be something you are so not

  • If that's their natural hair and skin color, I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I just don't like when people try to change the way they look because they think it's more attractive. I have really fair skin and people tell me I need to get a tan, but it wouldn't look as good as my natural complexion.

  • I personally don't like the look if the girl looks cheap. Meaning her blonde hair looks like straw, and her skin is a crazy unnautral shade of brown and she wears those long fake nails with decales, that look scream STRIPPER to me. But some blondes with tans looks like beach bunnies and it can be cute if it isn't extreme. I do understand what you are saying about cancer though. I am naturally pretty dark due to my ethnic background but I refuse to go tanning or layout in the sun not only for cancer but I don't want to look 50 when I am 30! Some blondes with tans look cute and natural if it isn't too far away from what they were born with. I think attractive people come in different packages, but I understand what you are saying!

  • I agree with you. You should really see chicks at my school - they all look the same with their fake blonde hair and extremely tanned skin. Some of them look okay - but then some just go overboard with the whole thing.

  • I agree with you they are too extreme so they make each other look even more extreme. If a girl just has light blonde hair (not bleach blonde) and a nice golden tan it looks way better than being mahogany brown with actual white hair like an old woman!

  • You are DEFINITELY not in the minority. Those girls are Malibu Barbie wannabes

  • I think it's cute depending on the girl. But I always wonder why girls will risk skin cancer to tan. If they use self tanner or spray tan then it's cool

  • I would agree. I'm a girl and have light skin and almost black natural hair, and although a part of me has alawys wanted to be blonde and tan. I guess it's good to know it's not all the rage.

  • Hmm, I totally agree with you.

    It's so unnatural, even if its a "real" tan.

    Just the big contrast between the hair and the skin, hmm.

    I'm not a fan of it, but whatever people what I guess.

    • I see everyone who doesn't agree with everyone who doesn't like fake tans or whatever has at LEAST one 'thumbs down'. There must be one [or more] really angry overly tanned person out there...[Haha]

  • woahh k... you guys all know we're waaaaaaaay hotter than you, so why don't you just stfu. its sexy. guys love it. and yaa, brunettes or naturals are gay and f***ing ugly nerds. honestly... I'm tanned blonde extentions big boobed and skinny, you get ALL the looks from guys and the girls are just jelous bitches.

  • Everyone who answered this question negatively are just as shallow as the girls they are talking about. Please get a life and stop hating on girls just because you are jealous. thanks!

  • dark tans with bleach blonde hair are ugly and unnatural looking,if you ask me!

  • Definetly not a minority, I think it looks gross when anyone tans themselves way past their real skin tone and blonde bleaches the crap of of their hair, have you seen the real housewives of orange county show on slice tv? They look so..EWW HOW DO YOU THINK THAT LOOKS GOOD? ;)

    The men and women out there who like that look are the real minority and they crowd around each other the dis others because they know their the only ones who think they look good :P

  • when I had bleached blonde hair and went tanning everyday, I got looked at ALOT. now I think was it because I was over tanned, or because blondes get noticed more. my hair is black now and it looks more exotic, and not fake. darker hair is prettier to me now and I use to think blonde was better , well not nemore lol

    • It's probably because you did have bleached blonde hair and fake orange/tanned skin [which you still do, but at least you have black hair now] which really stands out. some may find that attractive but I bet many don't esp cause it looks so fake, such as there are some who find my pale skin and black hair attractive while others find my super white skin unattractive, esp when I used to live in California. I say try laying off the tanning and maybe also lots of eye make-up :)

  • sometimes if they don't get it done professionally, it looks really fake. I think it looks pretty and depends on their overall appearance as well

  • u are correct they are gross!


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  • I really don't care, who am I to judge what somebody dresses like? I'd rather her dress and look how she feels comfortable.

  • I think the women that you described are NASTY ...not only are they nasty looking but they also have that high maintenance look at the same time, which is also unattractive

    There was a group of girls in a couple of my classes in college that were like that and they had that leathery skin and hair that was basically white...they looked like those African voodoo dolls

  • Personally I like a girl with a nice tan to me a pale skin girl is less attractive maybe its just because I like the beach and I guess a tan just goes with that if they like the beach to.

    • It doesn't bother you at all that the girl with the nice tan now will not age well and is at a higher risk of skin cancer? The main reason I don't like dark tans is because I know it isn't healthy and when I see a dark tan all I see is skin cancer.

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    • Nope it doesn't bother me personally at all, I have never looked at some one well tanned and thought about how they are high risk of cancer but hey that just me.

  • Don't like it either. white tan lines are not attractive.

    pale skin red hair green eyes ahhhhh perfect

  • Ugly and if they were a brunette ten it is hot

  • Yeah I agree with you. I mean there's like very few people that can pull it off tho, and most of them work for Playboy.I don't think that a girl, or guy should completely change their hair color just to "look good". Most of the time when people do that their eyebrows are a completely different color and well that just looks stupid. It's like trying to say WHAT DO You MEAN.I didn't dye my hair.Yeah right. But I'm in Michigan and well that's not as common of a look here as it is in California or the more southern states. I think mostly because its really obvious that a dark tan is completely fake here.

  • The Sun will bleach your hair, and darken your skin to a brown. Look at Tom Hanks in Cast Away. That's a depiction of what happens in the real world. The term your looking for is Platinum Blond Hair. Most things are just worldly fads recycling, all the island people out there that do have blond hair and dark skin(those that do) don't look fake, and skin cancer."in about 5-10 years they're going to be an extremely high skin cancer risk" is physical and genetic, those of fair skin may or may not be predisposed to cancers of many types. Assuming, and believing something to be unhealthy or fake is a majority thing it seems this past decade. Spreading negativity brings much negativity to everything around. Examples of a few "dyed(not fake) blond hair" but lovely people who tan: Tricia Helfer, Marissa Miller, Heidi Klum. All natural brunettes, an come to think of it, all healthy looking, all like those who have lived tan most of there life in the world, like island people of the past hundreds of years.are not at an extremely high skin cancer risk. So many things cause cancer, and there are too many things to take into account before blindly commenting about other people of the world. The fact is my grandfather has had a tan a majority of his life, he's in his late 90's, had one cancerous mole that was irritating, and got it removed. His tan did nothing, he is however losing himself mentally, and physically an is weakening from age. "A total turnoff" is judging. Orange fake tans, and cheap blond dye jobs are just as unattractive as people complaining about looks definitely though. Dark tans, and platinum blond hair together is possibly the most attractive thing ever. With someone who is athletic in physique, it means they may enjoy the sun and the vitamins it gives, they may have for many years, layering a tan, building protection from it, and that they may have bleached their hair from being in sun rays for that long in layers. However to judge before asking them would be insulting to the human race.

    natural tanning has been done for thousands of years. light blonde hair, and dark skin is like chiaroscuro. The balance of light and dark, or "contrast". Contrast is beautiful, it is difference, change, like negativity changing into the positive, or judging changing into asking. Age does not magically change from tanning, and neither does tanning magically cause major health risks. Even the studies that have gone on with tanning beds are done with little regard to real statistical analysis. The human race would have to study genetics, safe tanning under the sun, healthy living habits, among a million other factors involved. I see many people from The Sourthern part of the Americas Continent that are tan and living long healthy lives. Actually over many hundreds of years. I have some white friends that look like that. Who is anyone to judge them being who they are, and what's going to happen to them. That's just wrong