Dark tans and bleach blonde hair?

One thing that I find just gross and a total turnoff is white girls with light blonde hair but dark tans, the kind of tans where you can tell in about 5-10 years they're going to be an extremely high skin cancer risk. I think it's gross because it's unhealthy and it just looks so . . fake!

Am I in the minority here?


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  • I don't know about the guys, but I agree with you. I just saw a woman like this a few days ago: she was very pretty, but had very bleached hair (black roots) and a really dark tan. Maybe fake, maybe not, but it was just such a fake look. Too bad because as I say, she was very attractive. Some guys must like it though because I often see those women with wealthy men.

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      What bothers me the most is the health risks concerned with it. When I see a white girl with a dark tan, the only things that come to mind when I see it are skin cancer and the fact that she's going to look like she's 50 when she's in her late 30s. It kinda bugs me to be honest to know that these girls are willingly creating health risks for themselves and destroying their skin just for the sake of trying to look better now.

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      I have never liked to tan - I just don't have the patience. I like to sit outside or on the beach for a bit, but then I get bored and want to be busy. So now I'm 41, and I pretty much everyone I meet assumes I'm in my early 30's. I think the big reason is that I have hardly any lines on my face, which I attribute to no sun. And I have to say that I've noticed a huge difference in how long I can stay out w/o burning in the last 10 years.

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      By "difference", I mean that I burn much faster - the sun is def stronger now.